I'm better than my wife

There is no one I can tell this to. My wife isn't good enough for me and I wish I could leave her to find someone better.

She's a selfish little b****; she only cares about herself. Most nights we do whatever inane and simple things she wants to make her happy. I take an interest in her life, I listen to her childish complaints about work, we watch whatever TV show our movie she wants, our go out, or play board games. I basically just honestly want her to be happy. Even if it's not something I enjoy I do it.

I'm great in bed; I know her body very well and I know how to make sure she enjoys it. She's always been satisfied with our s** lives, we f*** two or three times a week and she chums five or six times. She doesn't contribute much though and I usually need to picture another woman or my wife being a f****** s*** to c** a second time. I think overall I'm a good husband, I make sure she is happy and has a good life.

But she doesn't deserve me. The things I ask for get dismissed. If we both want something then her wants trump my own. I wish I had a woman who could put pleasing me first. I wish I had someone who treated me as well as I treat her. I wish I believed in divorce because being alone would be preferable to being ignored.

She knows what I want and she doesn't give two s****. I wish I had never married her. I don't want to hurt her, she isn't malicious, I just deserve better than what she is capable of being.

May 17, 2014

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  • What a shallow little bitchboy! LOL. What's the matter, honey? Did she put on 2.3 ounces or cross some arbitrary age line last birthday, and now you've decided she's not hot enough for your princely needs? You're just an incel who got lucky. Hope she leaves your petulant butt in the dust so you can move back into Mommy's basement.

  • My wife was young and sexual. She is much hotter in bed at 40 than she was at 18 or 20. She is amazing hot in bed today. We f*** most every night and most mornings. she started c****** a thick cream some years back, the c** runs out of her with each o*****.
    Do things with her, and ask her to do things with you. work it out, you may find you have a great wife. you have already made the investment.

  • Then you are wasting her time and mostly yours. Love yourself and be honest with her. Set her free but most of all, set yourself free before the gut grows and the white hairs follow. Then you can find yourself someone who can appreciate you and she can be free to do the same. And who knows, maybe the initial break may cause her to appreciate you more. Good luck. If there are kids, they don't want to see actors or learn behaviors that will ruin their relationships when they are older. Such as screaming or saying nothing to each other.

  • I feel the same way about my husband, everything you said is the same but reversed. If we do anything i like its like trying to herd wet cats on a huge field and he'll complain the whole time and rush to get back home or just back to his computer. I don't think i can do better though, and i don't get off during s**... he often refuses me (im 21 hes 25) we just went 9 days without me getting anything (it was that time of the month but he refused to have s** when i was off for three days in a row) of course i made sure he got his b******* b*** job, im a freak in bed but he always wants to do the same one of two positions the whole time no matter how many positions i introduce. Been together 2 going on 3 years. I don't believe in divorce but i don't want to be miserable forever... i talk about counseling but he says im the only one who needs it.

  • You are trash. Real literal human garbage. And no, you are NOT better than your wife. She deserves far, far, far better than you, and you deserve to be s*** on and left in a dumpster. You "don't want to hurt her"? It's waaaaaay too late for that, sport: you've already injured her permanently and you're continuing to do that every day you stay with her and hold onto that smug, superior, entitled attitude of yours. You are an incurable disease and you're infecting everybody you come into contact with. Sayonara, sleazebag.

  • I think you should both go to counseling, to talk about where the marriage stands -- openly and honestly -- and try to find a path to improvement. There is a better way, and you both need to find it together. It may not happen often, but people can and do change. Try it before leaving.

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