What My Husband Doesn't Know

A few times when my husband has worked out of town and I have gotten sexually aroused I have left the curtains open when I undressed. I know a guy in the apartment across the way got a good show the other night. I let him see everything as I peeled off my clothes and took some extra time taking off my bra and panties and for a few seconds I was completely naked in front of the window. When I turned off the lights I was so turned on I was shaking with excitement and had to m********* to relieve the sexual tension. But I felt guilty when my husband came home. I almost felt as if I'd cheated on him. I don't think I'll undress in front of the window again, but I get real hot when I think about it and have masturbated many times thinking about how exciting it was to show everything to that guy.

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  • If you are ever feeling like you want to take it to the next level we can start slow. Watch each other m*********. Then get each other off. Move to the next step oral and you swallow my nut and go home and kiss him. After that I c** on not in your p****. C** my c** in until there is nothing left then you go home and let him eat it. Sending me a short video of him clean your used p****. Lastly we go all out we meet up and you where either crochless panties of none at all. I dont have s** or m********* for a week. You let me bust a large load of c** in your hungry p****. I give you panties to put on and you go right home to you man. Kiss him with your p**** dripping my c** and then let him eat it all up. Making a discreet video with your phone. The next day I lick you up and we watch the video. Well you tell me how hot is was snow you are feeding your husband your dirty p**** and how he enjoyed it thinking it was all you.

  • I went to play poker with buddy's. I suspected wife was showing of her naked body when I was gone. Well, after the game ended early, I asked a friend if he'd help verify what I suspected. So we parked a block away walked down to house she was flashing, and we could see her totally naked. We walked around in bushes to see if neighbor was looking. Yup, with d*** in hand. Watching him wanking to her, made me .very excited, both my friend , and neighbor. Decided to let things be! She was just making so many men happy. So now I share her pics with other guys to excite them too. Hippy6944@Gmail.com

  • Our kitchen lighting provides an overall warm glow tha is amazing when viewed from the patio. Our backyard neighbors get a pretty good view of it. When I feel kinky but my husband doesn't I tell him to wait in bef for I'm gonna make him a herb tea like ginseng or h**** goat weed and I go down to the kitchen in my panties. I get so aroused!!!

  • Our master bedroom is in the second floor and faces the street. It has three identical windows through which our neighbors across the street may see us when it's dark outside. I'm self conscious but my husband sees beauty where I don't. I was blowing my hair dry in panties and no bra after showering before going to bed when my husband aproached me from behind, cupped my breast and pressed his erection against my butt. At 49 I don't feel like having s** too often so rejected him as I usually do. He kissed me in the back of my neck and told me he was going to m********* in bed as he watched me. That itself turned me on but even more when I realized he had opened the blinds for our neighbors to watch me as well. I got so aroused and was so liking it I kept drying my her way after it was already dry as I wet my panties. I even turned around facing the window in hopes to that if our neighbors were really watching they could take a look at my breast. I felt so slutty! But my guilty feeling went away when I saw my husband e********** very hard.

  • I'm a guy in the same situation as you and have done the same thing for a female neighbor of ours. It's our little h**** secret! Hot as h***!

  • Same thing just happened to me and she has made my year :) She's getting undressed in front of the window on purpose. Don't be ashamed because you have not done nothing wrong ! Your making that guy so stiff that I bet his b**** are running on empty lol

  • Next time hes out of town go out and get fuckd

  • How w is wonderful of You..I leave town for the weekend on Business..Our Friend visits..Loads her with Nose Candy and leaves..He knows she can't keep her clothes on. ..He returned 2 hours Later..with additional candy..Yes, she is Naked..and will get F*****

  • You have nothing to be ashamed of. You should share your experience with your husband. He might find that he has a sexy wife he never realized he had.

  • Do you live in virginia?

  • I did this when the window cleaner arrived. Pulling up my knickers and tights with my back to the window and watched him in the wardrobe mirror gapping at me. I was bralees and have big b****. He never made a sound but just peeked in as I was putting on my bra. I'm sure his hand was in his jeans playing with himself. I went outside the room and had to m********* at the thought of him catching me. Next time I'll be in my black basque & stockings.

  • Exhibitionism is common. During college there was a girl who stripped like clockwork. One night a group of about 20 men were watching her when the cops pulled up (afraid it was a political rally) caught her in her act and of course the dilemma, arrest her or...? they were upstanding citizens and refused both the beer and the eventual joint that got passed, and arrested no one, but one or another officer did show up regularly, to make sure it was an orderly and non-threatening gathering. Later I learned one of the guys in the group was her bf! He got an eyeful the night two football players she was tutoring helped massage her tonsils. delivering two doses of therapeutic cream, for purely medicinal purposes mind you.

  • If you were my wife I would encourage you to do that more often!

  • I wish I was your lucky neighbor.

  • Great story. I bet your husband would love it. Next time you are at a hotel start making out with him in front of the window. Let him take your top off, then go down on him.

  • I wish you were my wife. That is so sexy and hot. I love you.

  • I love you too.

  • My pretty neighbor let me strip and j*** off in front of her. She told her girlfriends. She had them come over so they could watch me j*** off and c**, so I jerked off in front of all of them. They liked it. I loved having them talk about me and laugh at me as they watched me beating off, so I jerked off in front of them three times. They stared at my d*** as they watched me c**. Each time I came real hard. They watched me c** and it felt great. They were all gorgeous brunettes. I loved it :)

  • I know that shaking feeling exactly. i think it is part of the rush of doing it. i'm a guy and girls usually get scared but some will pause and watch and it always makes me c**. one time my hot neighbor was walking down the stairs while i was jacking on the patio and i heard her say, real quiet, "i'd like to see it shoot". my timing was off but i came so hard. now looking back i wish we had f*****, she was SO hot in her blue n white striped shorts that fit her perfect ass so tight

  • You are so sad and pathetic. Horrible at making up stories. Neither your post or comments are even close to believable

  • Your mom isn’t close to believable

  • My wife and I lived on the middle floor of a three flat. The bottom apartment was an English Apt (half in the ground half out) Both upstair apartments had a nice sun porch in the rear of the house, that had floor length windows, surrounding the porch and looked out at a small back yard. (It was an older apt)

    The owner was having the garage scraped and repainted. He had hired three middle aged black men to do the job. I watched them the first day and they scraped the back of the garage and one side. I watched them take a break and pull out a bottle and sit in the lawn chairs and pass it around.

    The second day (Saturday) they were there nice an early and started scraping. My wife had just finished her shower and had a robe on and was drying her hair.

    I asked her if she would dress slutty for me. I had her dress that way sometimes before we had s**. She wore heels, black garter belt and black nylons and nothing else. Then I would have her walk around the apartment teasing me. It would make us both hot.

    She started walking around and I watched her and she was h**** because she really put a lot into her movements. I followed her from room to room and I asked her to walk into our back porch and sit at the far end, on our love seat.

    She was really into it and knew she was walking in front of all those open windows. She was having fun and didn't realize that there were men working on the garage and that they were taking a break and sitting with a perfect view of my honey.

    She was looking back at me, shaking her ass and making her huge t*** sway. She was almost at the far end when she turned and looked out the window.

    She froze, right in front of the windows, like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. She stood completely naked facing the three black men, who were equally surprised to see her. They stared at her for what seemed like 5 minutes before she let out a little cry and turned to me. (This gave them an excellent profile of her naked body). I held my hand up and stopped her. I told her to turn back to the window and wave goodbye.

    She was so nervous that she did exactly that then ran into my arms and back into the rest of the house.

    Talk about hot s**, wow.

  • I asked my wife to take his top and bra off and show her white big round b**** to the guy in the facing apartment last night. We both enjoyed it and so did the guy in the other apartment while jerking off.

  • That is so hot

  • Me & my 3 best friends were all hanging out one summer. During school holidays one of my friends Dave, his mum used to work late till bout 11pm, so we'd always hang out at his place. One night we were bored so we went & hung out in Daves treehouse. We were looking at p**** mags getting ready for a wanking session. I took my clothes off & as i put them on the floor i saw that next door was doing extensions to there house & you could see right in from the treehouse. I turned round & told my friends to put the mags down & come look at this. The 4 of us spent the next 3weeks in the treehouse each night. We could see the bathroom & two bedrooms perfectly. We jerked off everynight watching the mum shower & the daughter in her room changing. We even new 9 to 11pm was the best time to watch after awhile. We hated it when they finished & our view went. It was 3 weeks of wanking heaven playing all sorts of jerking off games as we watched. I think c** holds the treehouse together now.

  • Hot

  • I had a conservative girlfriend who surprised me when she did something like that in front of a hotel window. Standing in front of the window, she said, "Don't think I will?" and took off her blouse and bra and for a few breathtaking seconds stood in front of the window with her luscious t*** exposed. Man that was so hot, and so unexpected from her. Some women look and dress so conservative but are wild in bed and filled with all sorts of unexpected sexual surprises.

  • Hmmm, this sounds so hot. I have done this far away from homes at hotels, but very carefully. It makes you so h**** to show. The first time I took off my bra I was shaken from getting so aroused. I don't dare do it in my neighborhood. I'm a teacher and need a respectable front in my town.

  • I agree, out of town hotels are perfect for experiencing this thrill. I know from experience.

  • I undress in front of the window to give a neighbor hot views of my body. It started as a gift to an elderly man I felt sorry for. He is a shy widower who lost his wife 5 years ago. It became a big and safe turn on for me. One night I was in my bra and panties and had forget to pull down the shades. When I went to close the shades I saw the old man sitting in front of his window. I couldn't tell if he was peeking at me. The thought of him doing that shocked me at first and I closed the shades. In bed I began thinking about it and how he probably hadn't had s** since his wife passed and how it would be a nice gift to give a lonely old man some views of my young body if he would look.

    The first night I took off my bra in front of my window facing his, he moved away from his window. I'm not sure if he was embarrassed or making sure I couldn't see him looking. I continued to undress until I had nothing on and after a few seconds turned off the lights. I did this for two more nights and finally he stayed at the window looking at my exposed body. I knew I had him hooked and that I was doing him a favor by letting him have something to look forward to at might and probably j*** off to to at least have some s** in his lonely life.

    I do this almost every night now and get terribly excited and m********* to great o****** afterwards. It feels totally safe and makes me totally safe to let this harmless man see my aroused body. I've passed him on the street a few times since my nightly exhibitions. He shyly says hi but doesn't bother me. I think he's grateful at his age to get the free views and the sexual stimulation. As for me I feel good I'm doing him a big favor and getting great o****** at the same time. It's a win win.

  • Have you offered him to fondle you or have real s** with him? Now that would be a real turn on for both of you! Hippy6944@gmail.com

  • I did something like this. But not at a window. At my husband's request, I bent down in front of one of his friends when I was wearing a low cut blouse with no bra and pretended to be adjusting my shoes. I took a long time to give him a good view, and he could see right down to my hard nipples. It turned me on so much my p**** got wet.

    Sometimes my husband has me answer the door in a sheer dress with no panties or bra on. That turns me on too.

  • I'm living in the wrong neighborhood. I don't get any of this action. I got old ladies on both sides of me and they're such f****** prudes I can't even see their goods. P***** me off.

  • I'd love to try this, but I don't dare. I saw a guy undressing in a window across the way and often take peeks. I've seen his p****, that is nice, and made me m********* thinking about it. He has a hot athletic body.

    I'd like to return the favor when my husband isn't around, but I'm too chicken. I know the guy would like the show because I often catch guys eyeballing my body at the beach wishing they could get some.

  • Why not? It's not cheating. Not even close. M********* with the lights on next time. That will really get him and you going.

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