What My Husband Doesn't Know

A few times when my husband has worked out of town and I have gotten sexually aroused I have left the curtains open when I undressed. I know a guy in the apartment across the way got a good show the other night. I let him see everything as I peeled off my clothes and took some extra time taking off my bra and panties and for a few seconds I was completely naked in front of the window. When I turned off the lights I was so turned on I was shaking with excitement and had to m********* to relieve the sexual tension. But I felt guilty when my husband came home. I almost felt as if I'd cheated on him. I don't think I'll undress in front of the window again, but I get real hot when I think about it and have masturbated many times thinking about how exciting it was to show everything to that guy.

Jul 6, 2011

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  • Stop now before you end up regretting the rest of your life for doing this

  • My wife flashes guys, she likes doing it and I like watching her do it.

    Usually it's out in public somewhere, except times when I have guys over for things like card games, she will take a shower and come out in just a towel, and then accidentally lose the towel. Once I told her to just stay naked, and serve us some beer and chips, so she did.

    Four of us there that night, things got crazy, all of us got our fingers in there, also.

  • All women are exhibitionists at heart. but only a few have the abandonment to carry out their fantasies. Some found a way to expose themselves on paid for videos of nudes in public. When confronted, the naked girl would point toward the cameramen and "I doing a video show". Some go to the extreme to reveal their private parts in the middle of a large crowd. All of these girls expressed getting a tremendous rush to be seen naked in front of h**** men and having no fear of being raped, This seems to be confirmed by some of the comments here, where they would go home and m********* to relieve themselves of the
    pent up orgasmic moments in public.

  • This is the first time seeing this. Maybe you should make a deal with hubby so you can get railed while he is gone. Who knows he might want to start watching.

  • My wife almost can't help herself when she gets the urge to flash, and she can be extremely blatant about it.
    A few times she has gotten herself into dangerous situations, because some guys don't realize it's just her putting on a show, like one time in a shoe store she was letting the guy see up her dress and he got grabby.
    I have told her to not do that when I am not around, but she does anyway. Therapy didn't help, we tried that.
    I am not sure why some women are like that but it's been years now and she keeps on doing it, sometimes embarrassing me.
    She is also a little bit slow, I guess that is the polite way to put it. Enough that I have decided it's not a good idea to try and have children.
    Her family is so wealthy and she will inherit, I thought it would be worth it to stick it out but I am beginning to wonder.

  • My wife' ask me to wear panties she's trying to blackmail me she keeps talking about other c*** what should I expect

  • I think you should expect to either share her willingly or she'll go behind your back. If you share her you can have sloppy seconds if you want. Just set some ground rules.

  • I've been changing with my curtains or blinds open on purpose ever since I found out that it turn in guys. I try to keep my curtains or blinds closed just enough to look closed but never enough to actually give me privacy. Sometimes I forget about them but honestly, I LIKE thinking I have a Peeping Tom regularly l****** after me when I change or whatever.

  • Weird and bad

  • Do a video on YouTube

  • I caught my wife once purposely, but "accidentally" giving a young guy upskirt peeks. She had no panties on either. We were in a big box store and we had split up to do some shopping. My wife went to HomeGoods section and me to the sporting goods section. When I returned to the home goods section I saw my wife squatting down in a skirt towards a young guy also in her aisle. She didn't see me at first but from the guys view he had an unobstructed view of my wife's p****. , I sat at the end cap in cognito watching, and she did it 3 times for the guy before I gave up and walked up to my wife. I startled her, but I never said a word and am just going to keep an eye on her to see if this is her guilty pleasure to do.

  • Sounds like she love the attention she’s getting from showing others what they can’t have ! Play along with her she’ll love you more then ever let her ware revealing clothes and enjoy yourself we only live once

  • Sometimes, It's really nice to get things going with a little fantasy play..Let her enjoy it and enjoy it with you too.. It will add wonders to your s** life..Just my 2 cents.

  • Ever since I saw movies like Porky's I've kept my blinds open and made sure that if I have a Peeping Tom, that they are getting an eye full. I'm in my 40's now and I still keep my blinds open

  • I've been sunbathing nude in the backyard and noticed that the neighbors second story window someone was peeking at me. I turned my chair as I was following the sun and when I was finally facing the window I could see it was my neighbors teenage boys watching me. I decided to give them a little show. I put on some sunscreen making sure I rubbed it into my b****** really well and I spent a lot of time with my legs spread wide open rubbing sunscreen on my legs and upper thighs. They had a very good view of my open v*****. When I was finished I looked up at the window and smiled at them

  • That’s really hot ! live free

  • Good for you, keep the boys next door happy!

  • Really hot!

  • Where do you live? I would really love to see you nude

  • You are just a super sexy woman. I'm sure your neighbor appreciated the show. No harm done except you probably made him h**** as h***. What hubby doesn't know won't hurt him.

  • What you don’t know will get you 6feetintheg

  • If you are ever feeling like you want to take it to the next level we can start slow. Watch each other m*********. Then get each other off. Move to the next step oral and you swallow my nut and go home and kiss him. After that I c** on not in your p****. C** my c** in until there is nothing left then you go home and let him eat it. Sending me a short video of him clean your used p****. Lastly we go all out we meet up and you where either crochless panties of none at all. I dont have s** or m********* for a week. You let me bust a large load of c** in your hungry p****. I give you panties to put on and you go right home to you man. Kiss him with your p**** dripping my c** and then let him eat it all up. Making a discreet video with your phone. The next day I lick you up and we watch the video. Well you tell me how hot is was snow you are feeding your husband your dirty p**** and how he enjoyed it thinking it was all you.

  • I went to play poker with buddy's. I suspected wife was showing of her naked body when I was gone. Well, after the game ended early, I asked a friend if he'd help verify what I suspected. So we parked a block away walked down to house she was flashing, and we could see her totally naked. We walked around in bushes to see if neighbor was looking. Yup, with d*** in hand. Watching him wanking to her, made me .very excited, both my friend , and neighbor. Decided to let things be! She was just making so many men happy. So now I share her pics with other guys to excite them too. Hippy6944@Gmail.com

  • Teddybear5164@yahoo.com

  • Would love to see and share. Mine is in her panties only.. Text only

  • Our kitchen lighting provides an overall warm glow tha is amazing when viewed from the patio. Our backyard neighbors get a pretty good view of it. When I feel kinky but my husband doesn't I tell him to wait in bef for I'm gonna make him a herb tea like ginseng or h**** goat weed and I go down to the kitchen in my panties. I get so aroused!!!

  • I want to come see

  • Our master bedroom is in the second floor and faces the street. It has three identical windows through which our neighbors across the street may see us when it's dark outside. I'm self conscious but my husband sees beauty where I don't. I was blowing my hair dry in panties and no bra after showering before going to bed when my husband aproached me from behind, cupped my breast and pressed his erection against my butt. At 49 I don't feel like having s** too often so rejected him as I usually do. He kissed me in the back of my neck and told me he was going to m********* in bed as he watched me. That itself turned me on but even more when I realized he had opened the blinds for our neighbors to watch me as well. I got so aroused and was so liking it I kept drying my her way after it was already dry as I wet my panties. I even turned around facing the window in hopes to that if our neighbors were really watching they could take a look at my breast. I felt so slutty! But my guilty feeling went away when I saw my husband e********** very hard.

  • I'm a guy in the same situation as you and have done the same thing for a female neighbor of ours. It's our little h**** secret! Hot as h***!

  • Same thing just happened to me and she has made my year :) She's getting undressed in front of the window on purpose. Don't be ashamed because you have not done nothing wrong ! Your making that guy so stiff that I bet his b**** are running on empty lol

  • Next time hes out of town go out and get fuckd

  • How w is wonderful of You..I leave town for the weekend on Business..Our Friend visits..Loads her with Nose Candy and leaves..He knows she can't keep her clothes on. ..He returned 2 hours Later..with additional candy..Yes, she is Naked..and will get F*****

  • You have nothing to be ashamed of. You should share your experience with your husband. He might find that he has a sexy wife he never realized he had.

  • Do you live in virginia?

  • Exhibitionism is common. During college there was a girl who stripped like clockwork. One night a group of about 20 men were watching her when the cops pulled up (afraid it was a political rally) caught her in her act and of course the dilemma, arrest her or...? they were upstanding citizens and refused both the beer and the eventual joint that got passed, and arrested no one, but one or another officer did show up regularly, to make sure it was an orderly and non-threatening gathering. Later I learned one of the guys in the group was her bf! He got an eyeful the night two football players she was tutoring helped massage her tonsils. delivering two doses of therapeutic cream, for purely medicinal purposes mind you.

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