A little something with engaged co-worker

I had a crush on a attached co-worker few years back but kept it to myself. About a year ago we've gotten close and was flirting crazily. I know he was not serious about me but everytime I turn cold to distant myself, he'd be nice and sweet and I'd let my walls down all over again. I have just gone through a bad breakup few months back.

He kissed me and we made out a few times. He just gotten engaged recently and I have no idea why I am feeling so disappointed and sad about it.

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  • Not everything has to be love & romance, f*** him and see what it’s like. You might not even like it and boom crush is gone ♥️

  • Tell him how you feel. You may be able to continue the casual fun after his wedding. Maybe even during.

  • He was just trying to get into your pants. Stay away from him.

  • Exactly

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