Making my wife fat

I am doing everything I can to make my Mexican wife fat. I am bribing her she has gone from size 10 to a 16. Her belly has gotten bigger and her butt also has gotten bigger its so hot I don't want her to stop gaining yet

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  • Well that's different. Usually it's the Mexican wife making their man fat! Oh, I see this post is 4 years old. I'm guessing by now you're both fat! :)

  • My wife loves to eat, and after 5 years has given up worrying about her weight gain. she used to try to lose weight but I do all the cooking and made sure to serve big portions and to always make fattening food. Fortunately, if you put some food in front of her, she will eat it, no matter how full she is. Well, she has gotten quite fat over the years. I also got a cleaning woman to come in twice a month, so she just has to lay on the couch and watch TV all day. I also make sure I get plenty of pastries for her to snack on all day. She has gained nearly 180 pounds over the 5 years and I love it! Good luck, I hope my experience has given you some ideas.

  • Hey i love big women too the bigger the better first off don't let her lift a finger don't let her clean or cook take her out to dinner or order fast food, youll do all the heavy lifting we don't want her burning calories and get a lot of high in calories food, don't let anyone tell you or convince you what youre doing is wrong they just dont like your lifestyle and want to try to change the way you live don't listen to them theyre just ignorant haters looking for attention I know theyre gonna post here don't even acknowledge them best of luck plumping her up -hatersluvme

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