I earned another Masters Degree

I have never been lucky with getting a well paying job.So,I keep getting one masters degree after another,in hopes of getting a better job. I am almost at retiring age, and I have never used any of my masters degrees.I earn very little at the very bottom of any jobs I have ever had.

So this week,my thesis was accepted,and I am done. Graduation will be next year.I have three masters degrees now,worth nothing.I can now put MHA,MBA,MA next to my name,with nothing to show for it.I should start impregnating women for a living and giving them kids with bookworm brains,lol.

I have been working on my thesis for months now so,please don't ask me to write all proper,this is not an APA class paper. I am just confessing.

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  • But what will that do for you? you will just go chase another one and another one and another one.

  • For what it's worth, I'm incredibly impressed by your accomplishments, by your dedication to improving yourself, by your interest in education, and by sticking it out. Plus, the degrees will show potential employers that you are NOT going to give up. EVER. Congratulations, and WELL DONE! My only other observation is to tell you to get busy knocking up all those women! LOL :)

  • Are you retarded? Potential employers? Did you miss the part where he said he was almost retirement age?

  • Did you miss the part where you said "almost"?

  • Exactly my point. You think the OP is going to get a job now? Some people just don't think.

  • My older sister was a professional student as well. Had position she "thought" she wanted but couldn't actually handle the real job. So back to school she went. Broke from student debt to racking up even more student loan debt.

    Near retirement age now and still flat broke and I suspect still paying off loans.
    A doctorate degree bla bla bla that is also worthless.

  • And people in the USA think the tax payers should foot the bill for college education. This is why people with a brain oppose the idea.

  • You must not be too smart if it's taken most of your life to get only three masters degrees.

  • (OP, p.1, 2003).

  • Why are you posting on such a degenerate site? I hate these people, I enjoy trolling the degenerates...but you? The impregnation is closer to the panty-sniffer confessions, I suppose.

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