Odd Sexuality?

I'm male, 15 turning 16 soon, I have an odd attraction for Xenomorph from the Alien franchise. It started even before i knew what one was. When i was 13 maybe? Alien isolation had come out and i saw a Xenomorph on the front of Game Informer (Like a video game newspaper). I looked at it and... I don't know, i expected to be completely grossed out by it. But my sense of mood betrayed my normal reaction. I started getting this pit feeling down in my crotch area, yep... That. And i just couldn't stop staring at it, it felt oddly wrong. I wanted to be a Xenomorph too, first time ever seen or heard it. Some time later, maybe a year or two. I was on the internet and i spotted a Xenomorph video, not a big idea, but i couldn't keep my eyes off that Alien isolation lets play videos! I ended watching the whole thing. I oddly found myself watching tons of videos on Xenomorph. And soon, I took notice to my erections during this too. Earlier this year i saw a bundle pack of all the Alien movies, got really light headed and hard at the though of all the movies infront of me. Everytime i see a Xenomorph i can't stop staring! I also what my own Xenomorph suit. Even weirder i have dreams about them all the time.... Daydreams about meeting one, and other thoughts in my head that involve becoming one..... S** with one and romance stuff. I came to terms with a sexual attraction towards them. It kills me everyday that they don't exist.. I keep telling myself they do, i almost convinced myself that killing myself was the only way to actually become one, saying "the queen wants me too." Trust me, I'm aware of how crazy this sounds. Anyone else have this to some degree? Or any hints on what i can do?

Jan 1, 2018

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  • The Xenomorph design was created by H.R.Gieger. The design takes its shape from the human p****. Take a good look at the shape of the alien head and your p****. So maybe you are craving c***.

  • Lol. About a month ago I discovered I was gay.... so it makes sense.

  • Yeah i have a serious addiction for the SCP universe and i want costumes and s*** but im not sexually attracted

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