Jesus was an Alien.

Estimated end time is 2060

Dec 4, 2020


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  • Sounds like end of the world would you give me my last wish to fuckk ur mom b4 i die

  • End time is different for everyone one, your end time maybe tomorrow mine maybe next week. So for people claiming end times on certain date for the world is pure BS.

  • Son of a gun

  • Ya mama was a alien too.

  • You are a idiot. No reward from me

  • You are.

  • Oh yay, another "end times in the nearish future" clump of horseshit. Thought you fools had learned your lesson after 2012, but there's no bottom to stupidity-- especially the religious kind.

  • How the f do you know that?? I’m supposed to be the only one who knows. Was it Steve?!

  • Jii

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