Could've been so much sooner part 1.

It has been 22 years since I started trying to hook up with him, Over the years we have had many close encounters but it just never happened until last night.
The whole story begins at a bar, My friend and I are in a new city, Just met at college three days before and we walk in to the bar, There is an altracation and we get kicked out, Like right away, Me, My BFF and her boyfriend and two of his friends are standing outside and trying to decide where to go when he walked up, Me and him made eye contact and he def checked me out, He also checked out my BFF but he def checked me out. He said something that I don't remember but anyway he talked to the bouncer and got us let back in, I danced with him a bit and we talked and almost kissed, I was so into him and pretty much straight up offered to take him home and something happened, I think one of his friends got in a fight and then he was gone.
I didn't see him again for probably two weeks until I was at a party at the college residences and he strolled in with a girl who lived two doors down from us, I instantly recognized him but I still don't know if he recognized me, There was a LOT of drinking happeneing and it was such a wild night, We were down to just about 10-12 people left and one of the girls was trying to convince everyone she had hooked up with a girl before, Not sure why she wanted people to know about it so bad but whatever, Somewhere in this she said there was video evidence and obviously the guys wanted her to "Prove" it.
Keep in mind that this is in 2000 and she went to her place, Came back and put a VHS tape in, We were all drunk and gathered in our livingroom and she rewound the tape and turned on the TV, and there was an empty spot on the couch right beside him, The girl he was with was on the other side of him and I sat down, I think that was sort of when he recognized me because he said "HI" and we started talking, Everyone was drunk, Whatever, It was college and all of a sudden we are watching a video of my neighbour and some other girl dyking out, like full on amateur p****.
Somebody said something about someone else having a b**** and next thing I knew all the guys...About 4 if I remember are whipping them out, My heart was racing sitting right next to a guy I didn't know as he lifted his hips and pulled his pants down...That's when I found out...He is massive, He's over 6 feet tall and sort of a lean muscular build and PACKING heat, I stopped and stared and so did most other people in the room, One guy blurted out "Are you F'ing serious dude" and the jokes about his size started, The girl he was with basically went into full on protection mode and actually said out loud "Don't even think about it" meant for every girl in the room and we all laughed but we were all in awe.
I actually, for a couple minutes thought it was going to turn into an orgy but one guy bolted with two girls another with his GF and two girls disappeared and then there was 4-5 of us left and the 2 guys left pulled up their pants, The video had ended and I didn't even notice but the girl he was with had gone to get a drink or something so I asked him if he wanted to go outside to smoke, He said yes and while we were out there it was like a minute in and I was trying to figure out how to ask him to ditch the girl he was with and come to my place, Just then she came around the corner and said "There you are" and GLARED at me and drug him away.
She was at our place the next day and bragging about how hard she got F'ed the night before and whatever and I got up and left, I didn't see him again until probably 3 months later at a party at our place again and he was just there with a couple other guys so I jumped into attack mode, I am a large breasted girl and made sure I was showing lots of cleave and went right up to him, Again we were talking and things seemed to be going good and just then some random drunk dude sucker puched him in the side of the head and they got in a fight. I don't remember the details but the cops showed up and he took off.
I had been with a couple guys over the 3 years I was in college but he was always the one who got away and when I left college to go home that was that. My BFF had one more year of college and I went back to visit a couple times but never ran into him until...My BFF told me she had gone on a date and started seeing a guy, It was back in the days before facebook or smartphones...Well, I didn't have one anyway so I never seen him until I went back to visit and...Fu@k, There was my BFF sitting on the lap of the one guy i had always wanted but could never have for whatever reason.
I was obviously happy for her and I never really did tell her about the times I tried to hook up with him because now it didn't matter but she knew there was sexual tension between him and I, Me and her literally talked about everything else and when she started talking about their s** life I would get wet listening to her talk about how it was like, Not until somehwere around the three month mark or something that she could even "Take it all", She had told me many times that in the beginning he was so big that she wasn't even able to enjoy it until they really started to learn each other and after about a year me and her were drinking, i asked how it was going and she looked at me and said "Do you really want to know?", I nodded thinking it was something bad and she said "We had to get a new bed", I was like "Huh?, Why?" and she proceeded to tell me about how he had made her...And I hate this term but...Squirt (Gag) and so much and how she couldn't control it and it just kept happeneing to the point the mattress was so soaked they had to replace it.
So yeah, that more grossed me out than anything but...It was a pretty wild story, anyway over the next 14 years they spent a lot of time with me and eventually my BF and then my husband, After my husband and I were married it became apparent that he was not against the idea of letting me...Explore a little, Not a lot but he wasn't against me showing off which we explored a bit and some random strangers got to see some stuff, he did urge me to have a 3 way with him and a friend one night but I declined and then...I was at the bar one night with my BFF, Her husband and mine, No one but me and him knew I had seen his....Junk and I had never even talked with him about it.
I was in a bit of a stage where my husband was urging me to dress...Provocatively and even my BFF had said something that evening about my outfit, Red/Black plaid skirt that was...Pretty...short, Thigh highs and a crop top showing a ton of skin which I didn't feel comfortable about but my husband had been raving about my look from the second I put it on so....yeah. My husband and my BFF's husband didn't spend a lot of time together but got along really well so it was always playfully flirtatious any time we were together and I knew full well my husband had a "Thing" for my BFF as I had caught him twice jerkin it to pictures of her from back in college when we had flashed or whatever and pictures were taken.
I had made sure I was wearing "Full coverage" panties since I knew the length of my skirt may inadvertantly show more than intended and I could run into people I knew at the club so I was sitting at the table and had my legs crossed, the top of one stocking was showing and my BFF looked over and said something about how the entire outfit I had on was exactly what her husband had been pushing her to wear and she wouldn't do it, She told me he had been drolling over me all night and we laughed about her borrowing the outfit when we got back if I hadn't stretched it out by then. He had come and sat beside her and I watched out of the corner of my eye as she nudged him and motioned toward my leg, He leaned over and looked and his eyes bulged, there was some whispering and a playful gasp from her.
Me and her were getting pretty drunk as we usually did before having kids and after to be honest lol, We had gone to the bathroom and she came up with the idea to take off our underwear which was way more risky for me than for her since her skirt was not quite as short as mine but her plan was to slip them in our husbands pockets but...She had a twist in mind, She was going to put mine in her husbands jacket pocket and I was to put hers in my husbands jacket pocket. So we took them off and swapped and went back to the table, We did the deed and carried on, I became much more careful about my bending and dancing and we eventually left the bar and headed home.
I don't know how but neither guy had felt in their pocket yet or at least didn't say anything about it if they did until we were home and in the garage drinking, Were had smoked a little and drank some more and as usual a couple people had shown up and it had turned into a bit of a garage party. My BFF and I were talking and our husands went outside for whatever and she asked if mine had said anyhting, I told her no and she said hers hadn't either which became a problem because when they came back in both had found them in their pockets and my husband didn't make any secret about it that he had my BFF's VERY miniscule thong in his pocket and that both of us were now obviously underwearless.
Everyone had a good laugh about it and my lovely (Insert Sarcasm) husband had even put hers on his face like a super hearo mask and she was completely embarrassed, he had the part that covered her vag and pelvis over his nose and mouth and was being a pig sniffing it and licking it and calling himself super vag man or some s*** and commenting how it smelled "Spring fresh" but tasted like sushi (douching joke), Most people had filtered off home and it was just three couples left, Us two and one more, My BFF's husband had gone inside and changed for bed, After the other couple left we went inside and he was sitting on the couch in sweat pants.

Jun 4, 2021

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