Donald Trump is 1000x hotter than Pamela Anderson

And more importantly, 1000x more real.

I f****** despise fake people.

Jan 3, 2018

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  • I swear I’ve read 100 different things about Pam and damn dude did she reject you hard or what?

  • This is just stupid. Trump is not, in any way or by any means, "hot", by any definition or standard.

  • Nobody is hotter than Pam Anderson.

  • Donald is way hotter. Pam is a 2, Donald a 10.

  • ^ Signed, Stevie Wonder ^

  • Ariana Grande is hotter than her.

  • Bella Thorne is the hottest creature alive. She is f****** scalding.

  • I don't get it.

  • What's to get? He is hotter... more attractive than Pamela Anderson....hunk of burning love.

    He is a 10, while I would rate Pamela a 2.

  • Stupid

  • Lol, Looking for some people to troll?

  • Just being 1000% honest.

  • Just being 1000% *trolling


    Or were you hit on the head kind of hard just before you posted? LOL

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