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Sometimes i wonder if someone fall in love or m********* with a cartoon but this cartoon would be a child . I know maybe sounds ridiculous but is this pedophilia ? I wonder because 1 year ago in 2016 or at the end of 2015 i liked very much a cartoon character she was a little girl at age 5 . I masturbated when i saw her in one episode who she was wearing a gold suit and she was fighting three girls all alone . She is still seems sensual to me when i see her .
The summer in 2017 it happen again i turned on and masturbated when i saw on hentai a little girl that seems 11-12 had s** with three old men . And if you know a hentai video named boku no pico when i watched it for the first may i was 19 or 20 i got so h**** that i masturbated over three or four times . Many people criticize boku no pico because they say is pedophilia but to me its sweet.
So my question is if someone turn on by cartoon children is this pedophilia ?

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  • There's nothing wrong with having a sexual attraction to cartoon girls, aslong as you don't have s** with a REAL young girl then you can keep doing what you like! i too am into younger girls (mostly anime, loli's, and hentai)

  • No, they're fictional characters, I'd say it doesn't count for anything.

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