I love her..

I am 19 and have been in a relationship with my 15 year old girlfriend for over a month now and we have been close for over a year or so and at first it wasn’t my intention to fall for this girl. We were just good friends because someone I knew she was dating at the time was abusive and would threaten her almost all the time if she wouldn’t do as he please (send nudes,s** etc). I ended up hearing about it from someone and I don’t put up with that kind of stuff and I went out of my way to message her and start talking to her slowly in school to see how she was doing and we became extremely close . But the big thing that kind of threw us towards eachother was she ended up breaking up with the a****** I mentioned earlier and he threatened he was gonna hurt her so I called him out when I seen him and we got into an arguement and I told him I wasn’t going to let him sit there and threaten her when she at this point meant a lot to me. We got into a small altercation and I ended up having him run off in his car swearing he was gonna get back at me etc. but after that happened I realized that I honestly have a deep connection with this girl and when any guy would flirt with her I would get jealous but I wouldn’t say anything because at the time we were just best friends. After a few months went by she turned 15 then eventually I turned 19 and I told her how I felt about her and she felt the same so we decided to give it a shot and now we have been together for a month and I’ve been the happiest I have ever been but the only thing that gets to me is the age difference, she’s 4 years younger than me but she is honestly more mature than I am most of the time and im always afraid I could get in trouble. I haven’t done anything sexual or of that nature and I seem to have fallen in love with this girl over time and I couldn’t see my life without her. She has been there for me through so much and I just never had a connection like this. I know it’s bad that she’s 15 and that I’m 19 but she mean she so much to me and it’s crazy.. I wanna stay with her but I don’t know what to do because I also don’t want to run the risk of getting in trouble

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  • It's a difficult one, in which country do you reside? If you are Australian and living here you can have s** with her provided she is 16. In your country whether that may be, I don't know, until you advise. I do not know the consent laws where you live.

  • Age of consent is 16 here as well. I don’t care about s** anything like that. I just want to be with her. I like her for her personality and heart not her body

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  • I mean, you're doing better than I am. I've found the perfect girl, and she is also 15...but I just recently turned 21. I don't have the patience to wait, so, we're together. :/

  • It’s not bad as long as you respect her and of course her age but have consent from the parents and definitely no sexual contact or it’s over

  • Shes 15 years old. If you care for her wait a copil off years. Shes still a child and growing mentaly and physcaly. Dont mind these people who point out people like me over spellings. They have little too do with their lifes and dont affect me. Look after her and protect her and dont sleep with her. Take care off yourself also....


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  • How can you get in trouble with this relationship ? She is 15 not 8 .
    You have only 4 years age difference with her , relax . You are free to be in this relationship and have s** with her if you want .

  • I’m not worried about the s** stuff I don’t care about that. I just care about if I could get in trouble for just dating her

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  • That doesn't mean anything. Even if she's 17 and he's 18, he's still going to jail. 18 is adult, 17 is not.

  • That's actually untrue. There is age difference laws. 18 year olds can legally have s** with 17 year olds.

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  • This is very long and detailed

  • You are getting way ahead of yourself. There is nothing wrong with dating this girl, though is s** gets into the picture that will be a different matter. That's the first thing you have to remember.

    The heart has reasons which the mind cannot refute. In that connection you cannot help what you feel, you can only help what you do about it.

    A couple of things to keep in mind. First, you are in the early stages of your relationship, and that always turns up the heat a few notches. I am not suggesting that your feelings are not real, only that you are letting your emotions get the best of you.

    As time wears on, you will begin to notice the differences between you. Not just differences in maturity, but differences in interests and goals. This will not necessarily make you love each other less, but it will help you both set your priorities.

    You may want to go to college - if you are not already - and start a career. She will no doubt want to do the things that high school students do. Things that you no doubt enjoyed as a high school student yourself - football games, prom, etc. - but may not hold the attraction that they once did.

    This separation of interests will play a part in your relationship. Give it time. It may seem cliche, but it is true. If it is meant to be, it will be. For the time being, enjoy each other's company, be good to each other, and don't worry about what will or may happen next.

    One other point, don't lose sight of the fact that part of what may be motivating you is a sense not so much of love, but of protectiveness. This is a young lady who was in trouble and you stepped in to protect her. That natural instinct - which speaks very well of the kind of young man that you are - to protect her may be another factor in the intensity of your feelings.

    Continued below...

  • Cont. from above...

    "This above all, to thine own self be true." Be honest with yourself. Can you honestly say if this is love, or may it just be your desire to protect a young lady whom you see as vulnerable and in need of your protection. You would not be the first man to confuse love and protectiveness. Again, only time will tell.

    With all that as predicate, then, what is the best thing to do? If you love her, then respect her. Go to her parents, with her, and ask if they would object to you pursuing a relationship. Then go to your parents and do the same thing.

    This will be unimaginably the hardest thing you have done in your 19 years - and if there is objection from either set of parents, you will have to respect that. Again, it may sound trite, but if you love her, you will want her to have a good relationship with her family then you will respect their wishes because - at her age - NOTHING is more important than her having a good relationship with her parents. Her whole future hinges on it, and for your part, you don't want your relationship with your parents to suffer. You owe them that as they have only your best interests at heart.

    You may have to walk away from this relationship - though I will hope and pray for you that you don't. You sound, as I say, if one can judge from your posting, like a good and honorable guy who deserves happiness. However, if you have to walk away from the relationship, never forget that love is willing the good of the other.

    You honestly cannot say that it is love if you choose to sneak around, complicate her life, and possibly estrange her from her family. If it is love, then her best interests will be yours - even at the price of your own happiness. At the very least, she needs to know that her parents - and your parents - approve.

    Best of luck and I wish you happiness.

  • Thank you so much this has really gave me a lot of insight on this situation. I appreciate the support

  • You are very welcome - and I sincerely do hope this works out, albeit with eyes wide open of the headwinds against it.

    One more thing, if you do get into a deeper relationship with this girl, you absolutely must commit to spending times with HER friends and in her world - and this is something you must up front promise her parents you will do. One of their biggest fears - after the fear of you two having s**, which you will also have to promise that you will not engage it - will be that such an age difference will tend to isolate her from her world of high school. You need to promise that you will go with her to prom, go to the football games, the movies, etc.

    This, by the way, will also be a test of your love and patience. Because while she may be mature for her years, a lot of her friends won't be. So you may often find yourself bored with her friends and - not being able to share a lot of your interests and entertainments (no trips to the bar for the two of you) - will tend to put a strain on the relationship.

    Eventually this relationship will be 90% you give, 10% she gives because, while high school kids have a lot of freedom, they just are not where your average 19 year old and their friends are. In that connection, you'll have to commit to spending a lot of time - and she'll have to commit - to spending many social events with her family.

    Okay, I've gone on way too long. Forgive my blabbing, I just want to make sure that before you go to her parents - should you choose to do so as you should - that you have mapped out in your head what you are prepared to do for her love and what you are going to say to her family and yours. Think ahead and think this through.

    Finally, your gf needs to agree to talk with her parents and you need to make clear that the relationship cannot go on unless you talk to and get the agreement of your parents. This is for her good.

    Continued below...

  • Continued from above...

    This is your best hope for putting your love and your relationship on a firm and happy foundation. I genuinely - and heartfelt - hope it works out.

    Sorry I palavered on so much.

  • Above I wrote "Finally, your gf needs to agree to talk with her parents and you need to make clear that the relationship cannot go on unless you talk to and get the agreement of your parents. "

    That's a type-o, I meant, "Finally, your gf needs to agree to talk with her parents and you need to make clear that the relationship cannot go on unless you talk to and get the agreement of HER parents. "

    The agreement of your parents is not quite so important as you are an adult, though you will be doing yourself no favors if you go against their wishes.

    Best wishes.

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