!!! Okay Confession time how many sniff their daughters pantys !!

Okay its amazing to smell a pair of used pantys the smell drives me crazy I have a very sexy stepdaughter makes the boys go crazy in area area and she has nothing but victory secrets thongs and bikini pantys and guys let me tell you this no fake post she would drive a man crazy !!!!!!!!!

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  • 11,8 and 3 love sniffing and licking the crotch of the panties and c****** in them, the 3 yr old was just potty trained and stil dribbles or has accidents, I love sucking her pee out of them while I c** in a pair of her sisters

  • I have smelled my stepdaughters panties and yoga pants for years starting at 12 and she is 19 now. Been wanking on her bras and panties almost weekly for the same time. I have a collection of over 30 of her panties.

  • Wish I could wear some of your daughters sexy panties

  • Every chance I got after my step daughter got out of the shower or just change form after school I would go and dig through the dirty laundry hamper to find a little cotton panties so I can wear them.

  • Trust me you would

  • Punctuation

  • Nice you no you do it birch boy

  • I love sniffing my daughters' panties. I wear them on my head with the crotch at my nose, and as my breath warms them up the scent gets stronger.

  • Its amazing its a huge turn on thanks for the confession

  • You weird sick little f***

  • If I am weird sick lol why you on hear and bet anything you smelling some pantys God day !!!!

  • I love VS Pink thongs. They’re all so slutty and then me on

  • Yes its amazing enjoy your post !!!!

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