So months ago I confessed this but never saw it online so I will try again.
My son has been married to a very attractive girl for several years now and I have at times tried to find pics of her on their computer or phones. I did find a few nice pics but nothing nude. Anyway I was at their home one day while the son was out and his wife said she had hurt her back somehow, so being the father in law I said would you like for me to massage the area on her back. Now I think she knows that any time that I am over, I try to get a peek down her top because when she leans over she almost always puts her hand up to keep her top from falling open and showing too much, so I really expected her to say no. She surprised me and said that would be great. So I had her lay on the couch and I began to massage her back. The area that hurt was her lower back but I went ahead and worked her whole back. After a little bit I could tell that she was enjoying the effort and seemed to relax, even saying that feels good. At some point I put my hands under her shirt and got no response from her which made the excitement between my legs stir. Well this went on for awhile and I got more bold and moved just below the spot on her back that was sore, putting my hands almost rubbing her rear. Again no response so I said how about turning over and I will massage your legs and arms, and she did turn over. Jump ahead, I messaged let legs almost from the feet to the upper area and sensed she was enjoying the effort. This is where my mind took over and I rubbed the lower stomach area and just kept getting closer to the most private area. Now I knew that if I went any further, I would have h*** to pay but my head, at least between my legs said go for it so I leaned in and with my mouth covered her vaginal area with her shorts still on. Not sure what to expect, she surprised me and said oh that feels so good and your son never does that to me. The rest of The confession is left better unsaid!!

Jun 2, 2020

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  • It is hard to believe but I wrote this post over a year ago. Now sometimes I wonder did it really happen or was it me fantasizing about what I wanted to do with her. Today I want to ask my son if he has any pics of her nude and then ask him to let me see them. The problem is, he has his mothers genes and would probably never speak to me again. so I just fantasize and dream, am I a bad dad, let me know what you think. Rb_walker@yahoo.com if you want to chat

  • Oh wow! You did that young lady a favor.

    I’m 48, and a firm believer that there is no d*** going in there if you don’t worship my kitty with your tongue and make her purrrr.

    Wish you were my father in law. Or if you are in Texas just let me know as I could use a “back rub too”

  • Would love to chat but if not a pic of you would help with my fantasy
    And you know which pic

  • Sorry for the late reply sweetie.

    As I said earlier I’m 48. I’m 5 foot 9 inches tall. I have long dark brown hair that goes half way down my back.

    I am a very full c cup. My bra size is 42 C. My measurements are 44- 34- 46.

    I have blue eyes and have been married for 24 years and have three kids via natural child birth aged 19,17 and 14. I breast fed them all so my b****** are not as perky as they once were but I have large dark areoles and large nipples.

    I am just an old h**** woman with a full bush.

    Let me know if your still interested

  • Just got back to read your post. I have a few years on you but still feel young at heart. Just wondering if you tried to send a pic to the email that I listed. I felt guilty and deleted the account. You never know who is who but I love hearing things about you so feel free to chat when you can. PS you just made my day!!!!

  • Sweetheart, how old are you? How big is your c*** (length and girth)?

    As I said before, I’m 48 and a mother of 3. All natural births and breast fed. They are 19,17 and 14. I’ve been married for 24 years. My hubby is a great lover. He has a c*** that is just under 8 inches but it’s long and thin.

    My measurements are 44 - 33 - 46. So I’m not the little size 8 that I was in my youth. My b****** squeez into a D cup and my areoles are large and red with longish nipples. My hair is dark brown in flows 1/2 way down my back.

    I have not had another man 9other than my husband in 25 years, but before I got married I slept around a lot.

    I married my hubby for the s**. His c*** was amazing. But my kitty needs to be stretched. I need a wide c***.

  • On well I hit 70 not long ago and if you know anything about Irish men you know I am not that big but I always make up for my shortness by making sure your kitty is satisfied at least twice before I try and get my jollies. But nice to chat with you!!!

  • Oh wow! You got this kittys attention

    Never been with a man that is my fathers age. Where you from. Sure you can make my kitten purr twice before you fill her with cream?

  • Ok. here close to Wichita Falls. You don't mind if i eat and run, so to speak?...;)

  • Houston area

  • If you are ever in Houston I am always ready for a good licking.

    But if your going to drive all that way you should c** inside :)

  • Also thanks for your comment.

  • Unfortunately not anywhere near Texas but I would say that I enjoy making a woman c** with my tongue more than me c******. My wife never really liked me licking and eating her out, she grew up and was told that type of s** was dirty, so even though I did make her have several o****** when we had s**, only a very few times when I used my tongue. So I will fantasize I am doing you!

  • Ok. Where are you. I’ll c** there. You sound amazing. You need someone who enjoys being eaten out.

    After all if we can’t go out to eat. A lady should then enjoy being eaten out.

    I’d rather get eaten any day. As long as it is followed by a hard c*** and lots of c**

  • Good gosh, you made my day. The first girl that I went down on, loved it and from that day on I wanted to go down on ever girl that I could, did not have many chances but I know most ladies like what I did , unfortunately not my wife but you make me wish I lived in Texas!!!!

  • I wish you were in Texas to baby. Mommy needs a good licking and daddy is out fishing tonight.

    My kitty is lonely

  • Agreed I spend as much time as I can down there making her wet and you know what it also gets me hard so it’s always win win

  • Always best to get a good o***** from oral followed by getting filled up with c**

  • I think you need to tell us what happened next.

  • Ok here it is. I was almost shaking as I massaged her upper thigh area and was trying to imagine what that forbidden area looked like. I could almost smell her s** and wanted to take in a deep inhalation. Then it happened, I leaned down an just blew hot air on her vag inal covered area. Don't remember much next but I began to kiss her p**** and all I heard was OH MY GOD don't stop and I didn't. Was one of the greatest moments in my 65 year old life. Would like to say it happened many more times but it happened only once but what great memories!!!

  • You are amazing

  • Absolutely. I'm dying to hear what kind of panties she was wearing.

  • They were black thongs

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