I will be a lesbian

I'm sure it's possible to will it.

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  • I'm a lesbian and proud of what I am but I never would force myself on a straight woman unless she was interested in me.

  • Gays are ruining straight peoples lives bullying them to be gay. its evil and sick.

  • You don't have to be a lesbian. I been abused by lesbians and I am a straight woman and I think lesbians are rough and ready and ruthlessly abusive to get their chance to f*** other women who want other men. a few lesbians have bullied me and I can't stand them. you don't have to be a lesbian unless you feel sexually attracted but even then you don't have to be one it could just be bi-curious. I think people are pushing too much lesbian and gay and tranny agenda at others now. its scary.

  • Just try it, p**** is yummy. Although I don't personally see a reason to limit your options.

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