Removed From Department Store by Security Girl

I was in bare feet the other day in a Wall Mart store and was told I could not be in here by female security guard. I made the mistake of getting cheeky and mouthy with her so she began forcibly removing from the store in front of everyone with me begging and pleading to stay. She was a big women and very strong and was lifting me up by my waist and moving me forward when I resisted. I pressed my bare feet h****** the ground and tried to resist but she kept moving me. I fell to the ground and said I want to stay in the store. She lifted me up by my arms, bent my head forward and put me over her shoulder in full view of everyone. I yelled no and kicked my bare feet up in the air and she removed me like this.

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  • I found a toy matchbox car and gave it to the creepy ugly security guard

  • I should be allowed in any store in my bare feet and should not be hoisted up over a security guard's shoulder and publicly humiliated. I will flail my bare feet as hard as I can every time.

  • No shirt no shoes no service. We're you planning on buying anything? Or just in for the free A/C?

  • In there to get out of the heat for awhile.

  • How old are you and are you male or female...

  • I am 26 and male

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