Spanking over my mother's knee again

Hi I'm Robert Durham yesterday afternoon I had another trip across my mother's knee again to have my bare bottom soundly spanked with her ebony hairbrush she spanked me for up to an hour and 35 minutes until my bare bottom was bright red and sore before she ordered me up off her lap and to stand in the corner with my bare bottom on display with my hands on my head and no rubbing or touching my bare bottom and no talking for 2 hours while she was supervising me

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  • When Mom, Grandma,Aunties,Older Lady Cousins,Lady School Teachers,Mom's Girlfriends,Lady Neighbor,Mom n Law,and the Queen 👑 of them all my Wife spanks me it Always Over Their Laps on the lace of their slips and Nylon stockings Garter Belt and Girdle too to keep their hips firm and Smug. My Booty was to them since 1959 was their favorite Target 🎯 Bullseye 🎯 Direct Hit 🎯! It was like the Firing Squad,Firing Range, Target Practice, Archery 🏹 Practice and Turkey 🦃 Shoot Combined! The best thing about it was no matter how much it hurts, I Always got a Rock ** Frictioning across their hot 🔥 ** Juicy beautiful Nylon stockings Garter Belt Girdle Wearing Thighs lasting at least 30+ minutes. Long and Strong Lasting **! Oh La La Aha!

  • It only took about ten minutes for him to cane my bare bottom with a slim rattan cane. But when he was done, tears were streaming down my cheeks & snot was hanging from my nose. He handed me a tissue.

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