I was given some p*** DVDs by a guy at work , most were home made. Any way I came across one with a white and black guy having s** with a women that looks just like my wife and she was giving up every thing to these guys.The women also had tattoos where my wife's are .Im afraid too ask her but turn on by the movie.

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  • P***

  • I found some old vids and pics of my wife when she was younger. When I confronted her her she was very sheepish. I smiled and told her it turned me on and spent the rest of the afternoon f****** and she gave a real p*** performance.
    I have suggested she give up her dead end job and return to being a p*** star and she has agreed.

  • Wow what doses she look like and how do I get a copy of the DVD?

  • We has gone to London today for a photo shoot. The p*** films are for hotels but she gets a copy.
    She is 44 chubby now 40dd t*** long red hair. I waiting in a pub across the road and she is probably being f*** right now.

  • She had the test shoot and f***** and sucked two mature men with big fat clocks. The shoot had an audience of men who had paid to watch.
    On offered her £100 for a f*** and she f***** him in front of the other men as they wanked

  • Sad

  • Years ago I was helping a friend clean out one of the apartments he owned after having evicted the tenant. The guy pretty much left everything behind owing my friend about five months back rent. As we are clean up he finds a vhs tape just marked sexy so throws it in the vcr and hits play. This guy is f****** this woman from behind while filming it the whole time we are watching her hair is hanging down covering her face. We watched him pounding her and smacking her ass for probably five minutes before they switch positions and she starts sucking his c***. That's when the guy grabs her and pulls it away from her face. Surprise ! There was my friend's wife sucking this guy's c*** . He couldn't hit eject fast enough then begged me not to say anything to any of our friends. He grabbed the tape and throw it in his truck . I don't know what happened when he got home but they are still married so maybe he liked it.

  • Show it to her and you wil get the answer, then send the s*** back to work

  • She's a w****

  • Not as good as the story where s friend lends a copy of some 80s VHS p*** to another friend. The guy mastebates to the video. It's a video of a Latino guy doing a white girl. The friend is mixed. His mom was in the industry when younger. He possibly jacked off to his own conception. A very good chance actually.

  • It's true, dude. Your wife's a w****.

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