Dope love

I met my first wife when we were both using. We dated for about a year, and smoking weed and using recreational drugs was a part of our relationship. We stayed married for almost two years, and were regular users. We decided to start a family, and decided we needed to clean ourselves up first. So we did a rehab and got off everything: grass, coke, pills, etc. But when we got clean, we realized that we didn't have anything in common anymore, and didn't really like each other all that much. Apparently we loved the drugs, but not each other. So, we got divorced. Thankfully, we did that before we had any kids. But this confession comes with a warning to users: get off the drugs before you marry someone you use with. The world -- and your relationship -- is very different when you aren't observing it through a haze of impairment.

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  • Good on ya.

  • ....agreed....the chemical fog obscures most of the reality.....

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