i know this guy...

i know this guy who dates girls who do drugs and then, at some point, he rapes them. he says it's really easy to get away with because, most of the time, the girls don't even report it because they are afraid the police will find out they have been using drugs and they think they might be arrested for it, or something. he says this is especially true with the college girls because they don't want it to get back to their parents that they have been using drugs. and even if they report it, according to him, once the cops find out they have been using drugs, their credibility goes out the window. he says he just says the s** was consensual and that they both got high before they had s** and now she regrets it. once the blood test confirms that the girl was on drugs, the cops usually don't go forward with the investigation because they believe his story. he says he has only been to court twice and, once the juries found out the girls were on drugs, he was acquitted both times. i have no idea how many women he has raped. i know it's alot, though.

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  • Hey everyone who is mad at #3, seriously? You're all sick, twisted f****. Women are not on this planet for men to rape. You think that because they do drugs that they deserve it? Or because no one can I.D. you that its okay? Just because you got away with it?
    You are SICK.

  • hey, #1, don't forget about shaving your pubic hair. if you're going to rape women, you really should shave your pubic hair along with any other hair that will be exposed during the rape. that way, when they do the rape kit, the won't be able to get any of your hair for dna evidence. happy hunting, mates.

  • Rapists are usually too ugly or have no social skills and therefore can't get a half decent-looking girlfriend.

  • #3, stop laying junk on #1. Any moron can figure out how to get away with rape. Anyways, cops HATE investigating rape cases so be mad at them.

  • #3,calm down. It's not that serious.

  • Some people say that raping women is a natural male instinct. Even though most men are able to suppress the urge, the urge is always still there.

  • To commenter #1,
    you are f*****.
    Don't tell someone how to get away with rape.
    Rape isn't something anyone should even consider.
    Just get a girlfriend,
    be nice to her,
    and who knows.
    maybe she'll consent,
    and then no one will run the risk of going to jail,
    or being a horrible person..
    to commenter # 2,

  • this used to happen to me, alot. my dealer used to rape me. i never reported it, either. how could i? he would have killed me.

  • dude, tell your buddy he ain't gotta settle for raping druggie chicks. tell him that, if he uses a ski-mask, some latex gloves, and a condom, he can rape anybody he wants and still get away with it. without any positive i.d. or any dna evidence or any witnesses, there's no case. trust me, i know!!!

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