My aunt was pedo

I was 6 and my aunt was 18 and we kissed almost every night for a month in summer time when she stayed at our home. at that time I dont remember if I had erection but we kissed non stop like crazy. and I wanted to see her b**** then she said no and I forced then she cried and went to my mom and they were just saying "he is a kid and it is normal" but the starter was my aunt and she was f****** h****. If I were 14 the scenario would be different but I was 5-6 yrs old I guess.

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  • Soooo, not true at all !!!!

  • This story is true bcoz I had the same situation too. Yes bro your aunt is a pedo.

  • Act like another person commenting on your own post. What a f****** looooser.

  • Nope comments just for you big boy looking in your window as I j*** off

  • Hope you got a good look at my big c*** you f****** f*****!

  • Lol, at least make your bullshit story somewhat believable. No 6 year old ever forced a woman to show their t***.

  • P**** face shut up

  • Aww, did someone learn a new word? Is mommy's little r***** growing up?

  • This is a confession page. Things you read here is not easy to believe. But you dont have to believe. This does not change the reality.

  • Key word there "confession" page, not bullshit fantasy in my head page. There is no reality to what was written.

  • I dont have to make you believe it or not. And it is not the point. It is more real than your whole life. So stop it and write your opinion. World is full of idiots like you. Write your f****** comment, "there is no reality" my ass!! :@

  • By all means, live in your little fantasy world. I live in the real world and see bullshit when losers like you write it.

  • Yea yea sure. You know all these better than I do. You live in a dream world. Have nothing else to say you anymore.

  • Why don't you come up out of your parents basement where you live in your fantasy world and check out the real world. You L double square looooser.

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