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On March 9, the worst movie in the history of cinema will be released. That's saying a lot, I know. But it's true: this will be the lowest of the low. It's name is "Hurricane Heist", and it is the most implausible, most poorly-written, worst-acted, and most sloppily-directed and sloppily-filmed movie ever. It will establish new lows in cinematography, direction, acting, and special effects, but the volume will keep people from noticing just how unbelievably stupid the plot-line is. Watching it will stunt your ability to think. Please stay away from this movie. Please don't encourage anyone to see it. Don't ask about it. Just ignore it.

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  • Post this exactly if you want it to be a rotten tomatoes block buster movie. Many viewers won't take your word for it. Will watch it. Then blame you for not warning them how much it actually sucked.

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