Pantyhose fetish

I've always had a thing for women wearing pantyhose, especially the family of browns and tans. Growing up in the eighties most women wore them all the time especially to work and church. Well one day when I was around 5 years old, this lady from our church came over to visit with my mom. She was probably in her forties and a little chunky but not huge by any means. Well she was wearing a dress and light brown pantyhose with low heeled sandals where her toes were sticking out. Being a curious kid I couldn't help but stare and want to feel what her legs felt like in hose. She was very nice and asked me if I wanted to sit in her lap which I happily obliged. It was then I began to feel up her leg(s) and she just chuckled and so did my mom. She said it was ok for me to touch as I meant no harm. Well then I got down a bit later and knelt down on the floor right up to her toes and it was then she began to move them around a bit. Seeing her toes in pantyhose even as a kid made me really like it, especially up close. I then asked her if she would wiggle them for me which she happily did. My mom was laughing and asked me to go on and play but I refused to leave. The lady then asked me if I wanted her to wiggle them again which I definitely said yes. I admired her nylon covered toes for quite a while even getting super close to them which when I would she would slowly move them up and down in her sandals. Before finally leaving at the behest of my mom I gave her lower legs another feel and left. That was a cool experience. I think even though I was just a boy, the woman liked the fact that her legs and feet were being admired. To this day I love it when my wife wears them, they really turn me on.

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  • I work in the corporate world where there is a lot of women in my workplace. I have always had a thing for women in pantyhose and high heel shoes.
    My boss is a career business woman who is very wealthy. She is always wearing the best clothes, jewelry, and expensive shoes. Although she is attractive for her age, she can be downright nasty at times. About 2 months ago I was in her office making some copies when I heard her say "oh no..not again". I turned around and asked her what happened. She said that she had snagged her nylons on the corner of her desk. I jokingly said that she would have to go home and change. She said she always had a spare pair in her desk as it has happened a couple of times. I left her office and went back to my desk as I watched her go to the ladies room. Surprisingly, she was not wearing any pantyhose. At 5:00 the office cleared out and I was the only one left in building. I had to hurry before the janitors arrived. When I went into the ladies room and looked in the trash, I noticed a pair of her silky black pantyhose all balled up. I quickly put them in my coat pocket. When I got to my car, I couldn't wait
    any longer I had to pull them out and smell them. Wow..the scent was exhilarating, it was a combination of perfume and foot especially near the toe area.

  • Hey it's OP here. I just wanted to add that if things had been different at the time of this encounter, such as me being in my teens or older, this event would have turned out much differently as I stated in a comment before. For one thing I don't think she was married and was probably a fairly lonely lady. I could see this scenario playing out, after worshiping her pantyhosed legs and feet, it probably would have escalated to other things such as a pantyhose footjob or flat out s**. I could see her getting excited at the prospect of a guy getting turned on by her nylon covered toes and taking her sandals off and ordering me to drop my pants. Then she'd take her pantyhosed toes and wrap them around my throbbing teenaged c*** and stroke it until I blew my entire load of white hot stickyness all over them. Afterwards she'd take my dripping manhood and clean the c** off it with her mouth while I pull her skirt up and caress her nylon legs and start massaging her crotch. She'd definitely enjoy having my sperm on her toes and feet and tease me with it. After a while of kissing and fondling, I'd pull her pantyhose down and slip my d*** into her p**** and f*** until we couldn't take it anymore. She would probably have had to take her pantyhose off afterwards as they would be crusted in d*** juices. I'm willing to bet she would have gone for getting banged by a h**** teenager and would have come back for more.

  • You're right, I'm willing to bet that if you had been older, such as your teens, she probably would have let you nail her after your foot worship encounter. Or at the very least let you j*** off on her nylon covered toes. Even though you were only a boy, she most likely enjoyed someone admiring her legs and feet.

  • Could you smell them?

  • But I will say that if I had been 10+ years older when that happened, well let's just say the end result would have been probably very different than me just going back to my room.

  • Don't remember going that far lol. Just the admiration of the look of them.

  • Totally understand mate

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