So this is for all those guys out there who ever wanted to bang their in laws but it never happened, I did.
It's a long, drawn out story as to how i got here but the short version is: I met a girl, Got married, Had two wonderful kids and 4 great years of marriage before my wife went off the deep end and left me for some loser she met online.
For three months i have been getting "Favors" from my ex wife's mom, After my wife left she called me up and came over, We had a sit down and she explained that although she completely disapproved of what her daughter had done walking away from her marriage and family the way she did that there was nothing she could do to get through to her and now she barely talks to her because she wont even accept her calls. She explained that she didn't want to be the one being punished for it by not getting to spend time with her grandkids and i completely agreed with her that it was not her fault in the slightest.
My "Ex MIL" who i still call my MIL would come over on weekends and after school or if i had to go out of town overnight for work she would come stay with the kids and it is really a great working relationship and we have always gotten along very well, She gets to see the kids lots and i got free child care whenever needed, She was already divorced when i met the ex but had a boyfriend, They split and she had another but he is out of the picture now too. Not trying to brag but my ex is super hot and her mom is a stunner as well, First time i seen a pic of her at the ex's apartment i thought it was her and her two sisters, Her younger sister is not bad, Similar looking but chubby, I nailed her once after the wife left and we had a few too many drinks but she doesn't interest me that much so i never tried again.
Now on to the one that does interest me, Sharon is as i said a stunner at 56. Things started one evening when Sharon had come to watch the kids for the next day, I was to leave early in the morning and after putting the kids to bed we sat down for a glass of wine, We had a few and were both feeling pretty good when she started an awkward conversation, She started to ask about any women in my life and i told her there were none which was true except for the one time with her younger daughter. She kind of started talking about how she realizes men need certain things so i decided to play dumb and see if i could get her to say something embarrassing, She went on to say " I understand that sometimes just taking care of it yourself is not enough and that simply the stress relief you get from...Uh...You know, Not only helps to clear your mind but will help you to be a better dad, I know you do great but as time goes on with the stress of the situation plus the lack know sometimes tempers can get short and so on".
I absolutely knew what she was getting at, that i should go out and get laid but i continued to play dumb, She went on to say that if there was anything she could do to help that she was more than happy to help out, I knew what she meant but when she got up to go to the washroom i decided to play with her a bit so i stood up, Dropped my pants and underwear to the floor and sat back down. This isn't bragging but i have a big dick, 7 3/4" long, thick, Veiny and circumsized, Big knob and have had many girls including her youngest daughter need to take a break half way through. I am sitting on the couch leaning back fully erect when Sharon returned, She walked around the corner and stopped, She looked at my cock then at the ceiling and coughed then said "Um...Excuse me, What are you doing?", I looked at her and said "I thought you said...If i wanted help". She put her head down then sighed and sat down on the couch looking straight ahead, She said "Um...not at all what i meant, I meant if you wanted me to watch the kids one weekend and maybe not expect you to come home at night".
Sharon was pretending not to look but i seen her take a couple peeks out of the corner of her eye so i said "Oh...Well...This is embarrassing", She looked at me and said "Sorry, Looking back i get how what i said could have been misconstrued", I kept sitting there leaning back so she had a full visual, She kind of went silent and i watched her as she turned to me, Looked at my cock and said "Could you put your pants back on?". I stood up and put it right in front of her face and she looked away looking almost upset. I thought that was the end but just as i pulled my underwear up to my thighs she reached out and put one hand on my waistband, Looked at me and said "Ok...If you really need a hand...One time", I sat back down and she grabbed my shaft, She started stroking, I slid right up beside her and put one arm around her but when i put my hand on her cleavage which is quite ample she took my hand away and said "No, No, No, Just you, Not me".
That night i didn't last long before reaching down and grabbing her hand to stop her and just held my hand on hers until i blew a huge load on my shirt then let her finish stroking it, By the end she had come all over her hand and got up, Walked to the bathroom and washed her hand then returned and sat down. She explained that it was a one time thing and that i could never mention it again but two weeks later i asked again, She said no but with a little coaxing i had her hand around my shaft again. It took four times to get her shirt off and i impressed by what i seen, A couple more and she let me finish in her mouth, About a week later i tit fucked her and she swallowed again while i had my hand in her panties.
Last night she came over and by now she fully expects that before the night is over she is going to have a load in her mouth which is what i planned but when i reached for her panties she just lifted her bum and let me pull them off, I spread her legs and licked her hairy pussy then got on top of her and when i shoved it in her eyes rolled back and she moaned "Good fucking god", She wrapped her legs around my waist and slowly pushed me into her and as i gave her the last inch she took a deep breath and whimpered "oh fuck i've needed that". I pounded her in a bunch of different positions and she never asked me to stop, Instead at one point she asked me to go harder. She was literally dripping wet when she came doggy style then flopped down on her stomach and i hammered her as hard as i could until i blew my load in her.
When i finished i shoved it all the way in and held it there pumping her full then laid on top of her kissing her neck, Between broken breaths she asked 'Did you come in me?", I whispered "Yes" and she said "You had a vasectomy last year right?", I said yes and she just relaxed laying there with me inside her, Looking at her beautiful older body i got hard again while still in her kissing her neck and cupping her big, Soft boobs. When i started to get hard again She started breathing heavy and pushing her bum up so i pounded her a second time and filled her up again before she said she had to go back to her room incase one of the kids got up which would just cause too much confusion.
I have now nailed all three women in my ex's family but her sister made me pull out, Now my mission is to come inside all three, I think i'll text her chubby little sister tonight.

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