Stomach growling turn on

I’m a teenage girl who loves stomach sounds. I’m not sure why but it turns me on soooo much. I had a friend who also had this fetish. She was bi. I’m straight. When we be alone we would strip down to our under clothes and we listen to each other belly growls. One day I was napping and my belly was making so much noise and she pressed her ear against my tummy. I woke up but she didn’t know. I didn’t mind because we did this all the time but I saw her hand slip into her underwear and she began playing with herself. I could hear her moan. As she continued I her how wet she was. I then got up and she stopped but I told her she can continue and she did as her moans got louder. Next I listened to her stomach and I was really gurgly. I began playing with myself. We would always do this together. Once we played a belly growling video and she fingered me and we masterbated together. Belly growling is all that turns me on does anyone have Snapchat or instagram who also does this



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  • Yall hella weird for this one.

  • I have an instagram if you'd like to contact me, dan_belly, Im 18yr old and im male.

  • I have a belly growling instagram it bellygurgle_lover

  • You still friends with her? would love to see a vid of ur bellies!

  • My snapchat is jcombs357 i'm a straight male

  • I'm a 21 year old female with a belly noise fetish and I just want someone friends with the same fetish who aren't creepy. email me at : .

  • My instagram is jeffgrandberry

  • Sc is Thomaseriphen

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