I want to watch my wife poo, probably in my mouth too.
To also lick the poo or taste some as well, I know she has nice

Feb 4, 2018

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  • I would never let it near my mouth, but I love it when a guy hasn't been to the toilet in ages, is really desperate to poo and can't hold it. Never seen that in real life (only fake videos online), but it's a really weird fetish to admit. Especially for a woman. I love that it's really taboo and embarrassing and breaks the whole 'tough guy' image. The loss of control thing just gets me off. Plus, it looks a bit like an erection, so maybe my brain thinks of it as a phallic thing too? I don't know. I've never told a partner though and doubt I ever will. Plus telling them would ruin it, as then they wouldn't be as embarrassed if it ever happened! Yeh, I'm f***** up!

  • As a woman it intrigues me when I read about men who have these toilet fetishes because I could never let someone use me as a toilet. But I do wonder how I would react if a man asked me to p*** in his mouth. And I have to admit, I would probably do it just to see what it feels like to watch someone consume my p***. I know it sounds awful but if you are doing what a fellow adult wants you to do, is consenting to, and is getting pleasure from, then it is ok in my view.

  • Ok i wanna be honest with you(and i would probably be bullied for saying this). I respect your fetish. You know i hate to tell people my secret and no one knows about my fetish before now when i'm telling you that. But i have a stomach growl fetish and a fetish called voraphilia. And this is something so weird but your fetish are weird too. That's what other people would say. But it doesn't mind me at all. I 100 procent respect your fetish. You know if people like it then it's their responsibility for their health issues and yours. All fetishes are weird in many kinds of ways. But dude it personally don't effect me at all. I've learned that people are different and weird in their own way. Some people would say your fetish is disgusting and weird and some would say mine is disgusting and weird too. My wish is just that we all respect each other and their fetishes. I know i'm crazy and i'm definitely is. But hey who said you gotta be normal? Everyone is weird in their own way. It's sometimes hard for me to think that. But i've learned to accept my own fetish and others fetishes.

  • Really? when you actually think about it. would it not make you sick?

  • N O

  • I have and bleve me it's better in your fantasy than real life.

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