Pier 60,Clearwater beach,Florida

Last year I was at Clearwater beach,Fla, and was having a great time,weather was gorgeous and the women were out in their bikinis,
Anyway, I needed a poo.
I went to the toilets on the beach at pier 60,found a stall, went in and did my business.

This is where it went wrong. After hearing about a nsfw prank, I firstly removed enough loo roll to wipe my bum,and put it to the side.
I then carefully unravelled the roll about 10 sheets in, and began to wipe my bum.
I kept them together and carried on wiping for a bit working my way down,being careful not to break the roll. When I was nearly done,I finished wiping with my separate loo roll and then carefully rewound the s***** paper back onto the roll.

So basically,some poor soul would go in for a poo, start to wipe,then have the horror of pulling on some loo roll,only to find it smeared in poo!!!!!

Thought you'd like to know,and please,I would be flattered if any of you want to try this yourselves,just let me know on the comments below how you get on!!

Mar 16, 2019

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  • That's disgusting! Karma will find you.

  • Who's karma? Is she hot??

  • I would love to see someone discover that!!!

  • Did any blacks use the toilet?

  • 😅 dirty b******!

  • I'm gonna poke my head over the parapet and say that I actually find this funny as f***!
    Good effort my man!

  • Not a prank. a crime.

  • A $hitty one at that! Ha! Get it??!!!!

  • Very good....

  • Are you being serious?!

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