I absolutely hate my girlfriend son

I absolutely hate my girlfriend son I can not stand him what’s so ever he’s so spoiled it’s unreal but my girlfriend don’t think he is as she give him everything she never had witch is wrong if you ask me I just want to hit the little c***

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  • Dude it's a package deal. Learn to deal with it or hit the bricks. She is looking for a daddy and you are chasing what's under her clothes. Jr is always going to be there.

  • Dont let this kid disrespect you. Tann his little ass...

  • If he was my kid. I would smack the a*** off him. Theres no way i would allow my kids too rule the roost or show me disrespect...

  • You sound like a jealous ass, do them a favor and go find someone else to terrorize

  • She's allowed to give him anything he wants. Whether you think it's fair or not, it's really not for you to say. And maybe she does so out of guilt or because she's giving to him what she never got. Who knows. You can have a discussion with her about what bugs you. But be very careful about passing judgement on her parenting....But maybe go about it in a way where you are concerned that he may not appreciate things because he's always given something or gets what he wants. What happens when she says no. Suggest that maybe he does a chore or gets a good grade or something to earn it. But if you just hate this kid because you don't like kids or whatever.. then you really should leave this relationship. Find a woman who does not have children.

  • How old is he. Sounds like he could do with a smacked a***...

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