I keep finding... i look for it. Wierd incest bs. Wow its all over. Sick s***. I pray for thier bondage of sin to be lifted. Im sorry Lord i go there but these people need to be prayed for.

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  • Incest is fun as h***. Try it before you knock it. I engage with every family member I can and roleplay others with my wife in our bedroom. When your wife roleplayes your daughter.... Wears her school clothes... That's a f****** keeper.

  • I don't think this individual understands the concept of supply and demand or Irony.
    e.g "I like to by ivory, but I appose poaching of elephants"

  • I'm a girl and my bf and I do incest roleplay in bed--there's nothing wrong with it LOL. Fantasies are fine, as long as it doesn't involve reproducing with your family members or abusing kids or anything.

  • I think the real deal is tine too, but different strokes. Don't abuse kids though yeah! Only willing girls, if you want a certain girl, introduce her to the idea and let it build. Boom, works 90%

  • Unfortunately, you can't change the mind of someone raised a Christian from this kind of guilt. Ironically, its the kind of oppression in Christian families, who teach their kids s** is a sin which causes incestual s**, - because 'heaven forbid', that teenagers should be allowed to develop a relationship with others of the same age, so no wonder their focus for gratification is turned towards their siblings.

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