Sick to my stomach

A month ago my mom, Step dad and siblings were gone to the city to do some back to school shopping as we have no place to get anyhting good in our crap little town. I had stayed home because I did my shopping online so I was hanging around the house, I went to shower and was doing what a girl sometimes does alone in the shower when a thought crossed my mind, I got out, toweled off and went o moms closet, I got the step stool and got way up in the back and found her stash of movies (ok...2) One I knew was a pretty good one, I had watched it before when I was snooping and found it so I took it but a box caught my eye, I pulled it down and opened it and my eyes bulged out, I didn't even know she had a d**** let alone one like that.
I sat on the bed and checked it out knowing that my mom is a clean freak and germaphobe I wasn't concerned with the cleanliness of it, I was sure she had super sanitized it so I was checking it out and it was huge, I had made a deal with two of my friends that we would all wait until after graduation before hooking up, that's not to say i haven't seen any penises before and not to say that playing alone is off limits, I started playing with it a bit and then started pretending and this thing is really something, I figured she had been budget shopping and went more for price than quality because it wasn't like super awesomely made but had quite a bit of detail, 8 inches Long (Yes I measured it), thick (My fingers almost touched when wrapped around it), bumpy and a big vein down the length of the top, Big, round curcumzied k*** and a huge ball sack.
So I was playing with my moms rubber d*** and stroking and sucking it and licking the b**** and even tried fitting them in my mouth to see if they would fit (They didn't), I took the movie and this big d**** and went to the living room, I closed all the blinds and put the movie in, I laid back on the couch and was watching and touching myself, I paused the movie and went to moms room, She had some lube in the box so I took it and went back, I laid on my towel and got all lubed up, I figured I was going to see if it would even fit in me so I lubed up a lot and worked and worked and got the first like 1/4 in.
I was like (Geez mom...WTF) but kept going and worked about half of it in, I was stretching, Like to the point it almost hurt more than it felt good but kept going just nice and slow, Adding lube, I had one leg on the back of the couch and I was soooo close, I had one had working moms rubbed d*** in and out and one rubbing my c*** and all of a sudden my mom screamed my name "*****" I must have looked like a r*****, I just started shaking and screaming, Spread eagle, Moms rubber d*** in me, B**** out and I don't know why but my teeth were chattering and I couldn't speak. My mom and step dad are standing side by side while my mom is screaming at me, My 14 year old step sis, 16 year ols step brother and 16 year old brother and standing kinda behind them and HUGE...F moment.
I slowly pulled the d**** out moaning "Ahhh f***" because I was all tensed up and it hurt to pull it out, I burst into tears, Dropped the d**** on the floor and tried to cover up as I stumbled past them all to get to my room. My mom is yelling at my brother and step brother to stop staring at me and I slammed my door, I flopped down on my bed and cried, like all day almost before anyone came to talk to me, Eventually there was a knock at my door, I said "Go away" but mom opened my door, I said "Oh god....I can't" and she came in anyway and closed the door, She had a box in her hand and sat on my bed, She was very quiet which is not like her but she sat down, opened the box and pulle dout her big, Rubber d*** and handed it to me, I said "Uh...I don't want it, It's too big", She sat staring at the wall then looked at me, I am sitting there holding the rubber d*** and she looks at the box, I look at the box and she looks at me, Finally she says "Mandy...Do you know what this is" and holds up the box and I say "Uh...Obviously", she says "First of all my closet is and always has been...Off limits", "Secondly...This is not healthy", I was confused and said "Uh, I know but...I just...I found it and figured you probably super cleaned it", she squinted and tilted her head looking at me", She held up the box again and said "Uh, No, This...Is not healthy", I shook my head and said "what?".
She looked at the floor and held the box up, She said "This...Do you know what this is?", I held up the d**** and said "Uh, Yeah, It's a huge, Lifelike d****, Why am I holding it?" and she said "Oh god, you don't even know", she opened the box and there was a bunch of stuff in it, Set it on the bed and said "Mandy...This is a home kit", I just shook my head and she said "You make your own vibrator", I said "Oh" and she said "Mandy...That's an exact replica of Daryls c***". I looked down at it and said "What?", She held up some stuff from the box and explained how it works and how you make it and I sat there staring at...My step dads d*** in my hand, I looked at her and said "Oh god, I f***** Daryl", She said "I thought you would have figured it out" and I said "I didn't even look at the box", I litterally gagged and said "Oh god mom, Daryl seen me doing it", she said "I know, I thought you knew and this was some unhealthy...Thing" I said "You thought I wanted to f***...My...step dad" and she said "I don't know, I figured you probably found it and were curious".
So we had a long talk and eventually we both realized I was sitting holding my step dads d*** in my hands wringing it like a wet towel, She finally took it out of my hands probably because she thought I was gonna wreck it. We actually had a good talk after that but, If there is one thing that could possibly make this worse it was the part of the movie thay walked in on, I had stopped watching but they walked in on a girl/giirl scene and now everyone in my house thinks I am bi or gay or some thing, Even my 14 year old step sis brought it up one time and asked me "So...are you gay cause thats what Josh and Derek are saying", I told her no but I don't think she believes me.
Next trip to the city my mom and I split from the group and she took me to a store, I wasn't even supposed to be in there but since I was with my mom the girl probably let it slide, super awkward when your mom explains to the girl that I have decided to wait so she wants to get me something to help....Oh god mom, The girl was super helpful and not at all shy, She actually said she has lots of moms come in for stuff for their daughters but she talked me through the process of choosing and I kept just saying "Let's just get this one" and picking out the smallest one and she kept trying to upsell me to one with lights and motion and a fickin heater but finally...Right in front of my mom I am standing there with two in my hands and the girl says "I think this one...Mom, What do you think" and my mom manhandles this lifelike d**** and says "yeah, I think that's a good one" so I pick out a 7 inch white guy d**** and my mom even got some stuff, she is apparently wilder than I knew.
We drove home and my step dad carried in all the bags, I rip the bag out of his hands and bolt to my room, I take my stuff out and put the bag in moms room, I sit on the couch for about 10 minutes and and mom send my brothers and sis to go see friends and says "Me and Daryl are going for groceries, I'll text on our way home". Yeah, Great afternoon. WOW.

Aug 20, 2020

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  • Great story. Thank you for sharing your most embarrassing experience ever. Whatever happens in the future nothing will ever be this embarrassing. Have fun with your new toy.

  • Wow!

    Get some practice in and maybe you can get Daryl’s inside you

  • Awesome mom and great way to get it out there that you are in the big leagues now! There's nothing you can do that will be more embarrassing then that so you kinda have the freedom others only dream of !

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