Secret size queen

I had been with my wife about a year when I asked her about her past experiences, she talked about one guy that had a big c*** but wasn't very good with it. I asked her if she missed it, which she denied. I wasn't so sure so I made plans to try a big c*** on her. One night after a night out with drinks she was feeling h****, unknown to her I had purchased a really big d**** and kept it hid waiting for the right time to introduce it. This was that night and I was curious to see how she would react to getting a really big c***. After getting into bed I started foreplay and as she became aroused, I asked her if I could try something new to which she agreed. I began giving her oral s** and as she responded I retrieved the d**** from where I had placed it earlier. I lubed up my fingers and inserted two than three, as she became aroused and began to opened up I started rubbing the well lubed d**** against her p**** as I continued to lick her clitorus, she responded with groans of satisfaction and started pressing back against the c***, she asked what I had and I said it was a s** toy, just trust me and enjoy it. This toy was a John Holmes UR3 d****. As she became more aroused her p**** opened up even more and I slid the head in, she gasped and began to moan louder and spread her legs wide apart and was pressing against the d****, trying to get more of it in to her so I slid it in a few more inches and she let out a load moan than started rocking her hips to take more of it into her p****. She was super turned on and writhing around on that huge c***. The sounds she made and her facial expressions with her body movements were a total turn on for me and I could see it was extremely stimulating and satisfying for her. She ended up with about 8-9" of the d****'s length in her p**** and f***** it for a good 20 minutes C****** continuously the entire time. Afterwards she was wore out but totally satisfied and smiling. She admitted she really enjoyed the surprise and would want me to use it on her again very soon, after the soreness went away. We talked about this experiment and she said she's happy with my average size c*** but she really gets off on having her p**** filled. I thanked her for her honesty and confessed that I totally enjoy using the d**** on her, its such a turn on to see her so worked up, watching that huge c*** sliding in and out of her p**** along with the erotic moans and screams of pleasure, the pelvic thrusting as she has multiple o******, seeing her c** covering the d**** and running down her ass . We both really enjoy the added stimulation as it improves our s** together and we keep expanding our horizons to make s** more fun, exciting, and satisfying and work to keep ourselves open to new ideas. The rewards are self gratifying and increased s**, what's not to like.

Jul 8, 2020

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  • This a great confession!

    I think most wives when asked if they have had big c***s and did they like will tend to say no. Good for you for taking the initiative! And good for her for being open to playing.

    It was very well know that my wife’s ex has a very, very big c***. Like 10” big. When I asked her about her ex’s c*** she would say “No. He doesn’t”. It actually led to a small argument. I told her “N (her bff) told me it’s huge! I don’t get it? Why are you lying?” Finally she turned to me and said “Fine! It is huge. Like OMG huge!” She confessed that it was too big for her 5’1” and 95lbs body, but did say she loved the feeling when very turned on and being fully maxed out!

    I envy you two and your relationship.

  • Same thing with me and my wife., Her ex had a big d***, (she was hesitant to mention it thinking it would hurt me when we were talking about past lovers). She said she was happy with my size and changed the subject. So a few days later I bought an 8 inch realistic d**** and introduced it in our love making. She acted innocent but as I put it in her she went all animal and wanted more. Now we use it two or three times a month. I like keeping my young wife happy.

  • What a nice husband, giving your wife what she really loves.

  • Wow! That made me dripping WET.

    My husband has a 8 inch c*** and I love it. But when you get one size all the time you get a bit bored.

    We now have three ways on a regular basis so I can watch other women get pounded and stretched. Hearing them scream for more and left shaking and speechless after a hard f****** makes me realize what a lucky lady I am

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