I want someone to blackmail my wife. They could even hurt and I wouldn't care

Feb 9, 2018

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  • My 17-year-old son blackmailed me into giving him sexual satisfaction after he walked in on me as my 10-year-old daughter was licking my slit. Now I have to give my body to him, and let him use his preteen sister whenever he wants to. If I hadn't consented, he would have told his dad what he had seen.
    His little sister seems happy with having her brother's member sliding up and down her narrow love-channel. I must admit that now I've got accustumed to having his thick rod up me, I don't mind as much as I did in the beginning. To tell the truth, I c** with him more than I do with his father.

  • I had a similar fantasy. I sent a friend around to the house, early in the morning as I knew she would be in a nighty and Rob. He would be demanding money that I owed him. She tried to explain that she had no money in the house but he wouldn't accept that.
    She text me and I just said give him what he wants.
    He f***** her and said it only covered half the debt and he would be back for the rest the next day.
    I got home and all she said was he was comming back the next day. I told her I'd get the money and be home.
    He turned up with a friend and they both f***** her. When I got home 25mins later she was still on the bed covered in s****. She said you b****** I've had to f*** them, do you have any more debts. I said yes and in walked to two lads and I said it was a joke and she f***** them again

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