I stole a Netball dress

When I was 13 I had a thing for netball dresses that girls wore especially the bodysuits. If you don’t know what Netball is look it up or imagine basketball for women. My sister played and whenever she was out of the house, I used to sneak in, try it on and wear it around the house. I loved the feeling of it against my skin and it usually ended with me pleasuring myself in it. One time I was at a game watching my sister play and I noticed a bag full of spare uniforms. I sneakily stole one from the bag, made sure I wasn’t seen and ran off with it into the boys toilets where I put it on, did a few spins and more importantly wore it with nothing on underneath. I was getting hard so I stroked the uniform until I finished and then I secretly threw it in the bin and causally returned to the game. So not only did a steal one I also threw it away and I was never caught.

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  • Boys. I so wish we could wear dresses.

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