I want to know what I can do to hurt him as much as he hurt me, but I know I could never do that. You can't hurt someone who only cares about himself, who will never grow up. This is a battle I can never win, and that has changed me forever.

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  • Your solution is right there in your words. It's actually very easy to hurt someone who only cares about themselves. Ignore them. Disrespect them. Dismiss all the qualities about themselves that they use to appear "better than" others. Laugh when they're being serious. Their heads will implode sooner rather than later.

    Easy peasy.

  • Everyone loves something, find out what that is and you have leverage. My ex's love (besides himself) was him Mustang Shelby. Once I had photos of his little tryst in hand I used the power of attorney he gave me (he was in the military and often deployed) to sell it for $5k - $47k less than he had paid for it. I sent him a copy of the sales slip along with our divorce papers and copies of the photos of him s******* his girlfriend.

  • This articulates exactly how I used to feel about my ex; until I realized that he's a frickin loser that nobody likes and isn't good at anything. Hope you get the same catharsis.

  • I know how you feel. My ex is like that :(

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