Please make fun of me

I want someone to put me in a big canvas bag and tie it up just for fun. It would be a great feeling to be helpless in the bag while others laughed and made fun of me until they got bored and left me alone to wait until someone me along and let me out. It would be embarrassing to explain!

Sep 30, 2021

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  • I totally get it! Imagine if if they were little 7-10 year old girls though. They bully you into getting into the bag yourself just by relentlessly putting you down and laughing at you until even YOU think you deserve it-- then it's either ANOTHER little girl or one of their mothers who finds you, and you have to watch them actually STRUGGLE not to laugh at you and obviously PRETEND they feel bad once they learn the story! Maybe you'll even have to explain an awkward b****! Imagine how hard she'd have to try not to just stuff you back in that bag herself!

  • Thank you. I would just love that. Hopefully their moms would join in the fun.

  • Lol! Yeah! Choke on a cookie you ugly retarded puppet! Everyone hates you just so you know. 😘

  • Of COURSE they would, they HAVE to defend their sweet little girls from creepy scumbags like you, you sad little pervert! 😂

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