Harry is a scamming cheat no moral druggy

I really think he is not a nice person I seen him from my place and his a heap of druggies and hookers and he is not a decent person. he has one personality for work and another for play. when I worked with him he was just so cheap and easy and rude. he goes around shaming his family in the office all the time and no one can control him. he even stole into my bag and purse and stole things from my office. all I am going to say is harry is a backstabber who does not know a thing about the real world or love or how to safe money and act honest. he has no idea how to study well and he is plain stupid. all I have seen him bring into this corporation is lies. the firm deserves better then his gambling drunken cheating ways and if you ask me he did pop off his old bag tranny driver roomy. all that drug pumping out has messed him he will never be the same again and I don't support him now. he makes me feel ashamed of his role in the company. one day harry your going to learn the hard way.

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  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lOFmjxtIrA&t=1s
    no one gives a s*** about dora and that is why she is feeling sorry for herself feeling guilty knowing she has hurt heaps of women to see her daughter marry a hundred times. give it a break s***!

  • Yeh hasbean royal harry I bet is just like that too. hardway harry. dirty harry.

  • He is a tranny and they are all trannies. I sort of feel sorry for the real trannies but the cosmetic fluid gender benders are rather obnoxious and think they are smart but it aint funny shoving all that s*** into you.

  • Get rid of his ass, like commenter below stated. Get a smaller purse, keep only license in it and carry it around with you. Identity theft can s**** up your life!

  • Secretly record his misgivings and criminal behaviour at work if you can, in order to highlight it to your company's boss. I'm sure your boss would appreciate it. However, it may be unlawful to do this.

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