I'm a lazy 26 year old guy that has anxiety and woke up to my mother bringing me taco bell lol life seems lost at this point in my life but I'll soon get on my feet. Remember that chihuahua dog "yo quiero taco bell". Well 'yo quiero cumplir mis sueños".

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  • Can you work from home? I understand your situation. I'm in a similar situation, except I'm 21 and I've been dealing with a chronic illness that makes it difficult for me to get actual work. I've been looking for ways to make income online until we figure out what this is and there are a lot of options. You can even go on Fiverr and get money there. They will literally pay you for anything. As long as you have PayPal, you can get money online, but you need to start somewhere. I can tell you feel stuck. The irony is that I'm certain the situation you're in aids in your anxiety. Good luck and best wishes.

  • ......dude.....................its time to grow up............

  • The dude under me is right

  • Well it's not really your fault. Your mother still treats you like a child, so you act like one return. The person who's really getting f***** is you. Someday your mother will be gone and then how will you take care of yourself? Not only that, but you probably get no exercise, so you'll probably be dead long before your mother anyway.

  • Get a at home job start off there or construction

  • Vincent Vega: "They got a name for that, Jules: it's called 'a bum'."

  • Aw, Christ.....you're 26 and your mother is bringing you meals? You don't have "anxiety", you're just a f****** lazy-ass. Get a m************ job. And no, not the thing you do now that you loosely "call" a "job", but a real job, where you have to do actual work, and where the quality of the work matters. If you don't start soon, you'll never be able to start.

  • Just stay healthy menatally physically and emotionally when your ready you’ll know blessings

  • Are you fricken serious??! He's an adult living off mommy just how long does he need?

  • Normally I would say get up on your ass and do something for yourself be a f****** man. But I understand you completely I have a brother same as your age sitting on his ass waking up everyday to no worries no job no bills just wake up s*** sleep eat been that way since he was 15 imagine being stuck at home not ever coming out seeing the sun. That’s horrible. Extremely over weight dealt with depression for years. It f**** with people but at a certain point there’s so much you can do to help one person if they don’t want the help that’s when you should learn to step back and let them do what they have to do to talk or go for their dreams

  • There is a term for this affliction. It's called being a Loser

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