Vegas rocks

My wife and i went to vegas for 3 days with another couple we are close with and have been friends with for probably 10 years, On our last night there we got plastered and something i would have never thought would have happened did, The four of us ended up having s** in the same bed.
They started it with all the "What happens in vegas stays in vegas" stuff and then he started touching her and pretty soon had her one nipple out sucking on it, She was not putting up a fight and it took a bit but soon they were making out in one chair and we were in the other, My wife was trying to fight it but i kept persisting and she finally let me get her top off, both couples have had kids so neither girl has great b**** but no one cared at that point, He pulled their chair up beside ours and sat down, She straddled his lap and they started making out, My wife did the same and me and him were both groping our wives trying to undress them, His wife stood up and whipped his pants down so my wife looked at his d*** then did the same and his wife looked over at mine, Mine is a bit bigger but not by much, Both girls were soon on their knees giving head and then my wife who has never been a big fan of giving head stood up and led me to the bed.
She flopped down on her back and i pulled her clothes off as they crawled on the bed as well, his wife leaned over and sucked on my wifes nipple and they both laughed and then she laid down beside her, A little bit of oral and i got on top of my wife.
We both had our wives on their backs and were going at it, My wife and his are both around five and a half feet tall, and both around 135-140 pounds so a bit thicker than they used to be before kids but not too bad, His wife has small b**** probably B's or so and mine has C's, His wife has one inverted nip and mine has kind of long nips, my wife keeps her s***** bald and she keeps a stripe of hair a couple inches wide, Me and him were watching each others wives as they kissed a bit then mine rolled over and they followed suit, Me and him reached across grabbing each others wives a**** a bit and then he motioned for me to touch his wife's bum hole, I licked my thumb and rubbed it a little which she really seemed to enjoy and then my wife rolled over again and i was forced to stop, they ended up with her on her back again and the girls were looking at each other and at us when his wife whispered to mine "Switch?" My wife shook her head "No" and we kept going, my wife was the first to finish, He had reached over and was pinching my wife's nipple and she started to twitch and moan and then tensed up and came, His wife came next as i held onto her b*** and she had her hand on mine, he came almost at the same time as she did and i pulled my hand away as he pulled out coming on her stomach.
A minute later i pulled out and my wife said "No, No, No" but she didn't have an option so she grabbed my shaft with one hand and put the other hand under her chin blocking it, She was stroking fast and her friend burst out laughing as i shot a load and hit her hand then my wife inadvertently pointed it away from her and i came again hitting her friend right in the face, It landed across her chin, and she got it in her mouth. She jerked her head back and as i finished coming on my wifes stomach as she stroked me and her friend put her head back, Gagged and put her hand under her chin then swallowed and said "Ahhh f***, F***, F***" and got up running to bathroom to rinse her mouth out and wash her face.
He was laughing and my wife went in to the bathroom and started apologizing, She came back a few minutes later and i went to say something to her and she put her hand up saying "Nope...All good" and we left it at that, He later told me that in their 15 year marriage she had never let him come in her mouth.
We are home now and not a word has been said about it but i hope we go back again someday but i'll bet she keeps her distance next time HAHAHA

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  • You're nuts. Stay on topic dude.

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