I want to kill my step father but don't know how

For the longest time ive wanted to kill my step father, ive looked on multiple websites and asked a few friends and they all said i was just upset or i was just saying things, but i actually wanna harm him in everyway i can. recently i notice my step father acting strange around the house and then he started leaving and not coming back until late my mother caught him cheating on her multiple times, and he started to get physical. beating my mother, and starting to get physical with my brother. i said i was going to kill him in his sleep eventually, but he thought i was kidding. he is constantly high, and he even f***** my 12 year old friend. he is a 47 year old man, and should NOT be doing that kind of s***. my mother caught him and left him for a year until she got sick of him, bugging her by begging and pleading to take him back. she did and now he has gotten worse, i wanna kill him but i have no clue how id get away with it or id do it.

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  • Talk too me...

  • Get stuffed pedo mommy

  • Talk too me hun...

  • No you won't get away with it. My Grandpa once struck my Grandma after they first got married. She told him she is the one that does the cooking and you don't know what I will put in your food. He never touched her again. Back then strict-nine was common to have around the house.

  • Do you mean strychnine? I'm axing you to be more pacific.

  • You there baby...

  • Try to detach yourself from him and let your mother know about your true feelings about him. You two can work this out together. Please calm down and think ten times about this matter. Don't make this decision on your own. Express your bottled up feelings with your family and see where it leads.

  • Hi baby. I hope this is not true and message me back if you like baby. He sounds like a piece off crap...

  • So do you, pedo mommy. You're all over this post, aren't you? Sniffing underage blood in the water, are you?

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