I go out and have one nighters with black men

I am a 35 year old curvy dark haired married mother of 2 that has a secret. Once or twice a month I tell my hisband I am going out with my girlfriends. I end up dressing in something short and revealing with really high heels and he loves it. I guess he thinks its for him when I return. And like a good wife I always wear my 1.2ct diamond wedding ring. I secretly go to the next town into a bar that has mostly black people there. I usually end up getting picked up by a handsome muscular blackman and have s** with him.
The first time was in our mini van in the back parking lot. There was one evening I hooked up with one man. Went back to the bar and got picked up by a second man who took me back to his place for some fun.

After a s** filled satisfying night I return home to my husband at 2 or 3am exhausted. In the morning i go back to being a surburbam wife and mom.

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  • You may be surprised that he would like to hear about it. I love when my wife tells me about her BBC adventures.

  • Several times when I feel like having s**, I buy someone and satisfy my urges...is it a crime to have s** with a wench or before marriage....I come from a background where they say...prepare for life after death...i get so tensed about it...but at the same time I also need physical love

  • I am a black man here.I have had many such escapeds with married/single women over the years. I have even f***** many married women at work,majority of them have been white.So much fun.

  • My wife works with a black man who has f***** a few of the women in the office including her. I think its so hot!

  • Why do people try to convince the world that black guys have large d**** and white guys have small d****? I was a wild woman in college and then for a short time afterward before I met my husband. I have slept with many many guys, both black and white. I can ASSURE you that race has no bases on the size of ones d***. The biggest guy I slept with was white, and the smallest was Mexican. The 2nd biggest was German, and the 2nd smallest was black. Most of the white guys and black guys averaged the same size. So if you are trying to convince us that you f*** black guys because they supposedly have bigger d****, well then you need to go convince someone else.

  • Your husband needs to see this

  • Please, my husband knows about my past sexcapades. He's the white guy with the biggest d***.

  • I'm the black woman who posted below. May be we could swap husband's for an evening?

  • Not really into swapping. Plus it would be very hard to find someone as good as my husband. No offense. My husband has a big girthy d*** that is sometimes too much for me. He always eats my p**** and sometimes f**** me so hard that I literally can't walk afterward.

  • So why are you f****** black men. This contadicts your original post?

  • I never said i was into swapping. I said i was a wild woman in college and for a short time before I met my husband. F****** men of any race is different than swapping. So I fail to see how you think I contradicted myself.

  • No you Said you go out regularly and f*** black men?

  • I think you are confused. I'm not the OP, I'm the person who wrote the comment above about being the wild woman in college. You probably should have posted you comment to the OP instead of my comment.

  • Sorry x

  • Ungreatful s****! You have a good man at home

  • I have a great man at home! Yes he is!
    But this is about sexual gratification for me. And black men seem to really enjoy me.

  • I'm am similar but I'm a busty black woman and I go out and pick up white men, like you once a month.
    A few weeks ago hubby was away for 4days I went to a party and f***** 3 men at the same time and I want more.
    I love my hubby but his idea of s** is a quick f*** he sounds and I have to Finnish my self off.

  • I am a black man 6 feet 4 and have a 9.5 inch c***. I f-u-c-k white women and i love to s**** my white cream all over their t***, chest face and get them to swallow what's left Sometimes if I'm lucky i get a smoky b-l-o-w-j-o-b if they smoke.

  • Hot! I love when a blackman blows his load all over my face, b**** and wedding ring. And then like a good wife I go home to hubby.

  • Hi, I am the woman who posted the original post. I would love to meet you for some fun

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