I'm submissive to young girls

I sort of grew into it. I had a dominant girlfriend or two but it's different now and I have to tell someone so here goes.
A few years ago I met this gorgeous, very young and very controlling girl. She bossed me around all the time and more and more I let her away with it. Eventually it turned into mainly financial domination and her younger sister started to show an interest. She began by making me buy her makeup and underwear as well as making me wear her old stuff. The older sister slowly lost interest but the younger sister is completely dominating me now. She has pictures of me nude and crossdressed and makes me watch helplessly as she shows her friends. She has even made me undress completely in front of her while she teased and took pictures. I have an agreement to obey her completely and she holds me to it by almost blackmailing me with my pictures and by making me buy her more and more things, especially panties to embarrass me. She also enjoys making me go alone to buy her makeup, bras, panties and even dresses which is very hard for a guy to do.
Recently she moved to an apartment but makes me pay her rent. Each month after I send money she totally makes fun of me for being such a sissy and obeying her all the time. Usually right after she makes fun of me she makes me go buy her some new panties to embarrass me all over again and show her control over me. She has now decided that since her roommate knows all about me I will have to buy all of her bras and panties too and as a "reward" for doing so I will have to go visit them soon and I have been warned that when I do, she will insist on me undressing in front of her roommate while they tease me, take pictures and probably clean out my wallet to go shopping. Oh, currently I'm 48 and she is 19 in case you are wondering.

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  • Wish I could find a guy like you. I would have you obeying and serving me and my friends.

  • Excellent. Keep obeying them. These morons that commented so far need some disipline I think, not you.

  • *cough* tool *cough*

  • Advice: Punch that hoe in the face and punish her. Don't ever let a b**** run your life. Haha It's funny as F*** when the girl tries to act like the dominant race..

  • LMAO, race.... hahahaha... You're so sad.

  • Very pathetic. The least you could do is insist on s**.

  • Pathetic...

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