Everyone feels stupid this morning

Every once in a while something happens and you wake up thinking "Man, I hope no one else remembers that" and when everyone does you laugh about it for a couple days but i don't think that is whats going to happen here.
My wife, My younger brother and I had gotten into a jar of moonshine he brought over, Like real, Completely clear, Burns blue moonshine. He brought it over to show me this stuff his buddy's grandpa makes and after smelling it I knew it was the real deal. We had a couple sips and as we laughed and choked and made awful faces my wife decided to have a sip and then it turned into a competition because she was making fun of us for being wimps.
Eventually we were all doing shots chasing them with beer and I don't remember how many we each had but not that many and I Know that I could barley stand up and couldn't see straight so I assume everyone else was in similar condition. Somehow the conversation turned to how my brother had never had a girl who could get him off with head and he asked if it was him or them and my wife piped up saying "Them...For sure...Them", He looked at me and said "You get off?", I nodded and my wife said "Um...Yeah, You think i don't know how to give a b******?" from there it turned into how he didn't think he could even get off from a b****** and somehow I decided my wife should prove him wrong.
It's weird because I was a total wreck but I remember everything, Everyone does. My wife said "Whip it out" and he laughed but she knelt in front of him and he looked at me, I motioned to go for it and he did, I sat right there as she laughed and stroked his d*** for a minute then went to work right in front of me. Of course I got h**** and knelt behind her, I took off her shorts and thong and before i knew it my wife was getting spit roasted by me and my little brother. I must have finished first because I am missing a part of it but then I remember they were on the floor, Her on her back, legs around his waist and he was pounding her hard.
I put mine in her mouth and she finished me again and right after she got off, She was bucking her hips and moaning quietly but soon as she started
to relax he stiffened up and then she panicked and said "Not inside FFS' and he pulled out already shooting j*** everywhere, He finally got it in her mouth after shooting j*** on my wifes stomach, Chest and across the side of her face into her hair, After he was done she got up and went to the bathroom, I missed the next couple minutes again but I woke up sitting on the couch with my pants still around my ankles so I pulled them up and went to check on her and she was already passed out.
I woke up this morning completely clear headed and remembering 99% of what happened, My wife woke up next and came out to the living room, She sat across from me staring at the floor and a minute or two later my brother woke up, We all sat and stared at each other for a few minutes before my brother said "I should go", I nodded and he left, Once he was gone my wife kind of broke down and I tried to console her, She thinks I should be mad but how can I be when I was there and involved and basically gave my go ahead, She just keeps saying "but I f***** your brother", I did ask her if he came inside her and she put her head down saying "Oh god...That's right".
I know we will work through this it is just difficult but I hope it gets better.

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