I wear stockings and suspenders I'm a boy and it feels so normal and I wear panties and a bra I feel like wearing it make me look gay the way the panties feel against me feels so good any help/advice on how I can just feel normal and how I can wear panties in school

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  • How can you wear panties? Just do. Unless your school performs underwear checks, no one will know. In the bathroom use a stall instead of a urinal. Stockings will be harder to hide but your socks will cover them,

    If people find out they will make fun of you. Are you willing to take that risk?

  • You can dress in a “genderqueer” way (google it). Wear a skirt or dress with panties and sheer tights.

  • But I don’t wanna wear a skirt in school I want to wear panties in public do you have any advice how to wear them under my trousers and is it weird for me to wear stockings

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