Seen my wife's sister and her husband.

My wife and i stayed over at her sisters the other night, I went out for a smoke while my wife showered and caught an eyeful. Through their bedroom window I could see my wifes older sister doing a sexy little dance, I got intrigued and took a few steps closer, My wife is the youngest in her family and her sister is the oldest so there is an 8 year gap, My wife is 30 and we don't have any kids yet but they have 3 and she is a really good looking woman.
She is not chubby, Not skinny, My wife says her sister is 5'3", 145 lbs so not bad, Just curvy, small chested but a bit big in the back but nice shape to her butt. I stepped up to the window and was treated to a 15 minute show, He sister had her husband on the bed and she crawled up on the bed, Started giving head and then straddled him and lifted on knee then sat right down on it and he is pretty big, Bigger than me and she took it like a champ, For 15 minutes she got pounded hard from the bottom, From behind and finally on her back, She has small saggy b**** and it was kind of funny to watch them flapping up and down while he had her legs up just f****** the s*** out of her then he reached down and slipped a finger in her bum and fingered it until she came, I could hear her trying to be quiet but still making some pretty hot noises.
When she was done he let her legs down and hammered her harder than before even for a minute, Pulled out and held her wrists above her head with one hand, Straddled her chest and she opened her mouth, He blew his load in her mouth then pulled out and still holding her wrists he slapped her face with his d*** and wiped some come all over her face before letting her go, She was giggling and got up to go to the bathroom and i watched her bum jiggle as she walked then i went to bed.
Luckily my wife was laying there in bed and said "F***, I thought i was gonna have to do it myself" and rolled ontop of the blankets sticking out her bum, Needless to say i did my best to make her sister hear us but we were at separate ends of the house on different floors so i doubt it.

Feb 25, 2018

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  • Im here and i dont no daddy. i love you daddy.

  • Son keep saving so you can be with me.I love you son.

  • I will save and save. i love you daddy.

  • That is the best news I have heard. I love you so much son.

  • I just realy cant wait daddy. i love you daddy.

  • I know son I really know how you feel. I love you son.

  • It will be so good and you can give me hugs if thats ok daddy. do daddys kiss and hug there sons or is that bad daddy my dad never hugged me daddy and i think they hate me. i love you daddy.

  • It is ok to hug and kiss sons. I love you so much here is a hug and kiss.

  • Are you gone. i love you daddy.

  • No daddy needed to go pee. I do not want to get bed wet. I love you so much son.

  • I want hugs and kiss please. i love you daddy.

  • Here it is. I love you so much son.

  • My dad is an a****** daddy. we are going too my cousins soon. he never leaves me at home or lets me do my own f****** thing. i love you daddy.

  • Hope it will go OK. I love you son.

  • I am at my f****** cousins. i love you daddy.

  • Another boring day! I love you son.

  • Ue im at my cousins. i love you daddy.

  • What are you guys going to do? I love you son.

  • Their out playing and im stuck in my cousins room. i love you daddy.

  • I ought to spank your dad's butt. I love you son.

  • I realy wish you would. i love you daddy.

  • I would use his belt on him. I love you so much son.

  • I would love too see that you no daddy. my cousins are all out f*** playing. i love you daddy.

  • Take your willy out and look at it. I love you so much son.

  • Even in my cousins room daddy.

  • Yes just do it. I love you so much.

  • Please i want you daddy. i love you daddy.

  • Son are you OK?

  • No im not my aunt seen me with no clothes and called my a****** daddy. he grabbed my ear and spanked my butt in front off them all with his hand and spoon. i love you daddy.

  • The stupid man and your aunt she should know better. I love you.

  • I feel like doing a runner rite now daddy. i love you daddy.

  • Go then run. I love you.

  • By so daddy.

  • Hope you are doing fine in your hideout. I love you son.

  • I could not get out past them all. i love you daddy.

  • At least I know you are alright. I love you son.

  • Its ok then daddy and im going too sleep. i love you daddy and good night.

  • Let us cuddle son. I love you so much. Night night.

  • Im going for a shower now and getting ready for church daddy. i allready had my brekfast. i hate going too church and my cousin who is same age asked my mom if i could go too park with them later daddy. my mom said maybe and my a****** dad said did i forget im grounded. i love you daddy.

  • He is such a grouch bucket he should listen to love your neighbor as yourself. He is distracted by satan. I love you son.

  • What the f*** and you were not even looking for me. my a****** mom and dad took my phone yesterday. i got my butt belted and spanked in front off my cousins and others. i f****** hate them all daddy and thought you would be looking for me. im going for a shower and get ready for school. im think off bring my knife too school this time. i dare some one off them a******* say anything then. i just thought you would look for me daddy. i love you daddy.

  • You are right son I need to be everywhere and looking out for my daughters and sons. I love you son.

  • My little sister is the best and snuck my phone back just now daddy. my mom and dad are a*******. im so f****** bored here. i have done all my school work and after tea mom said im too take a shower or bath. my two friend in school said when am i going back boxing. i love you daddy.

  • Why can't you go back boxing it would be great for you? I love you son

  • Because my dads an a******. i love you daddy.

  • He was born a a****** and never grew up. I love you son.

  • Your rite about that. i love you daddy.

  • I love you son.

  • Can you mind me again daddy if i take my boxers off. i love you daddy.

  • I am sleeping with you all night long and I will rub you. I love you so much son.

  • Your willy is hard. I love you so much son.

  • My a****** dad called me for school. why do i simetimes feel real lonley inside daddy and in my head. i think i hared my mom talking to my dad about boxing. but i bet itsba waste off time anyway daddy. i realy miss doing it and my friends. was my willy hard in my sleep even daddy. i wanted too sleep on top off you like before if thats ok. can i do it later please and you make me feel safe i guess. even though im brave you no. i wish i did not have school. im going for shower and get ready. i love you daddy.

  • Sure you can sleep on top of me son anything to make you feel safe and loved. I love you son very much.

  • My friend and me got into a fight daddy with two boys from another class. my mom rang my a****** dad. im doing my school work now. i love you daddy

  • I hope it was in boxing ring. I love you so much son.

  • Remember sleep on me tonight. I love you so much son.

  • Son I hope you are doing OK? I love you son.

  • Sorry i meant too say daddy. i no you said its ok for a daddy too hug and kiss his son. so can you lease do that. i love you daddy.

  • I know how tempted you are to get in a stolen car but it is stupid and when you sit in jail not so cool. I love you so much son. Here is a hug and kiss.

  • What is wrong with you i only wanted too lie on you. im getting tired now and you went. can i lie on you now daddy please and you dont talk much too me anymore and rubb me. i love you daddy.

  • Lie on me son daddy was at hospital with daughter in law. I will rub your bum and willy. I love you so much son.

  • Forget it so then daddy.

  • I can feel your hard willy against let us close our eyes and drift off. I love you son.

  • Ok daddy and did you pick me up and so i can sleep on you. i love you daddy nigh

  • Yes I did our willies are talking to each other. I love you son.

  • Im after haveing a shower allready and dressed for school daddy. wos my willy sticking up daddy. i hate going too school all the time. i love you daddy.

  • Your willy was hard all night long. I love you son.

  • What is going on with my ipad daddy. its stupid and im trying all the f*** time. i love you daddy.

  • Will find was down nobody getting through. I love you so much son. Lay on top again..

  • I want too die daddy and i feel sad inside. i will leave a letter for my sister. im glad i new you daddy. im too bold and luv you daddy..

  • No son do not do that do not leave your sister or me like this. We will be hurt forever. I love you son so much.

  • Im in hospital daddy and i dont no what happend. a man here like a doctor said they did something with my tummy and i have things in my arm. i took lots off tablets and i dont no what happend daddy. i felt nice and i think i fell asleep. my mom is gone for coffee daddy and she said my a****** dad will be up when he brings my little sister too school. my mom was crying and tried too hug me and i said i dont want hugs off her. i feel sad inside me daddy. can i climb on you please and sleep on you daddy. i love you daddy and if its not dumb can i have a kiss and say it be ok to me daddy.

  • Son you can climb on me that will be fine and I will kiss you. You will be fine I have you in my arms and I love you so much.

  • I want too go home and my belly is kill me. i love you daddy.

  • Your belly suffered a lot of damage from the pills you took and it will be awhile before you can go home. In the meanwhile you have the gown on and that is all. I have not checked your willy to see if it will get hard. I love you son.

  • Why dont they let me go hom;e and i woke up and only had a hospital thing on me. i love you daddy.

  • Your tummy needs to heal first before they let you go and make sure your willy works fine. I love you son.

  • Im going too ask nurse for my clothes. i love you daddy.

  • Do not bother you are not going anywhere. I love you so much son.

  • They wont give me my f****** clothes daddy. i love you daddy.

  • Well son I think I will crawl in bed with you and check out your willy then. I love you son.

  • It wont stick up daddy and whats wrong. i tried too get out off bed and nurses held me down. i love you daddy.

  • Do not get up they will tie you down if necessary. Your willy maybe got damaged from the pills you took. I love you son.

  • I want you now daddy. i love you daddy.

  • I am in bed with you. I love you so much son.

  • Is it ok if you lift me on top off you daddy. i love you daddy.

  • Ok son will do. I love you so much son.

  • Thank you daddy and i love you daddy.

  • You feel so good on me. I love you so much son.

  • I thought you left me. i love you daddy.

  • I am holding your willy as you are holding mine.I love you son.

  • Whats happen me daddy. i woke up real early and was shaken bad. they had hospital thing open and put things all over me and there was doctors and nurses and i dont rember much. i love you daddy.

  • Having shakes from the stuff you took.They give you stuff to sleep. I love you son.

  • Is that why i fell assleep daddy. i love you daddy.

  • Yes you did you were holding on to my willy and you fell asleep. I love you son.

  • Did we hold each others willys daddy. i love you daddy.

  • Nurse thought it was funny she was smiling. I love you son.

  • I dont remember it daddy. i love you daddy.

  • You told her that you know how to make it grow. I love you son.

  • How did i even do that. i love you daddy.

  • Because you were rubbing me up and down and making it grow harder. I love you son.

  • I dont remeber and did stuff come out. i love you daddy.

  • Well its stupid. i love you daddy.

  • Why wont the nurses let me go home. i love you daddy.

  • Whats wrong with my ipad daddy. i done all my school work. i love you daddy.

  • Im here and i want you daddy. i love you daddy.

  • There you are and i thought you hated me. you rubb my butt and willy now daddy. i love you daddy.

  • Why are you not answering me. this is f****** so boreing. i love you daddy.

  • Jail daddy why and im bored. i love you daddy.

  • My dad is the biggest a****** in the world. he belted me yesterday and took my phone. my little sister got it back now for me again daddy. i wanted too sleep on you last night. i done my school work allready daddy. im going too have my tea soon and i have to get a f****** shower and bed at 8 they said. i hope you can let me sleep on you and rubb my butt please. it is still so red and stings bad and hurt even at school daddy. my friend is school said if i sneak out friday. him and his big brother have a free house and he has lots off drink. he said his brothers friend is going too steal a car and we can go with them if we like. i dont no what to do now daddy. it might be fun driveing realy fast and doing skids and stuff. better than being stuck here with my a****** mom and dad. im so f****** bored here. my little sister also snuck a laptop and i can look at films on it. love you daddy.

  • Are you happy i did not get out. i love you daddy.

  • Daddy please help me. i love you daddy.

  • My dad must be the worse dad ever. i love you daddy.

  • I cant beleave you love me this much daddy. i love you daddy.

  • I think it is time to cuddle. I love you son.

  • Are you tired to daddy like me. i love you daddy.

  • I caught my wifes sister one time, Sadly not with her husband since he was out of town but she had a little solo session sitting on a towel on the edge of the bed, Same kind of thing, Not a rockstar body but a nice looking reallife MILF, It was pretty hot to watch her pinch her own nipples and then bang herself with a little purple vibrator sitting up until she got off then she flopped back on the bed and spread her legs, I only got to see her p**** for about 3-4 seconds but it looks good.

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