20 years younger

I have always been into MILF. It's just always been my thing. Hot moms, friends mother, 30, 40, 50. As long as she's hot, I'm game. Never really thought too much about women younger than me until this girl started at my place of employment. I'm 42 and she's 22. Exactly 20 years younger than me. At first I just kind of looked at her as a kid. But now the more I work with her, the more I find her attractive. It doesn't help that she tells me things like when she gets drunk she likes to be f***** hard. Or like today she had a bra on that pushed her t*** up with a low cut shirt. She kept bending over in front of me so I could see down her shirt. I mean I even know what her bra size is because she told me. She will talk about other women's t*** and then reference her t*** by pushing them out and pointing to them. She tells me I am old though and will tell me sometimes that I'm the same age as her parents. I would come on to her but I'm getting mixed signals and I don't want to get fired, so I say nothing. Truth is I would f****** go down on her and eat her p**** it given half the chance. Then I would f*** the s*** out of her after I sucked her t***. She is f****** hot. Did I forget to say she is married and refuses to use her husband's last name. Damn this woman is f****** hot.

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