Bachelorette confession

I sucked and f***** a stripper at a private bachelorette party while the other girls cheered and whooped, he then f***** some of the other girls after me when he was ready to go again. Who else has done this...any stories to tell?

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  • My wife held a strippers c*** then decided to suck his c***. Other ladies were also grabbing his c***. Next thing she says she decides to continue to play with his c***. Then she goes down on him once again before shortly he’s C****** in her mouth and no one really knows he’s c******. My wife does this perfectly cause the stripper gets up and starts dancing all over again. It took her months to tell me about it

  • I used to strip in college and had to remember to bring condoms for bachelorette parties all the time. Got 3 woman pregnant at my first bachelorette party because I didn’t bring any and it was just too hot.

  • I just did a private 17 woman bachelorette party last weekend and all suck my p**** and 12 got f*****. Great tippers.

  • It would be awesome to hear such a story from my wife

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