I love the feeling of being wasted

Basically, since the first time I ever got drunk (years ago) I'm in love with that feeling. I really love to drink until I'm no longer able to function, and push my limits, even tho I know it's pretty dangerous to do so. Sometimes I just get completely wasted home alone, or get as drunk as I can and try to pretend sober for the rest of the day. I'm not alcohol dependent, I don't usually do it more than once or twice a week, but I completely love it.

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  • Are you a man or woman? I'm a guy who learned to love getting drunk, but it was only because I was chatting with a woman who was also a "recreational drinker." However, she said she was the female version of me: it turned her on to when the guy got drunk. So, I started drinking with her because it would spur her on to drink more herself. I eventually loved the feeling, losing my "filter" and inhibitions (but I never did this in public). I had to stop doing that because of several medications I take; each one warns against drinking on the medication.

  • The problem with drinking alone is if you hurt yourself by stumbling down stairs or acute passout and vomiting but you choke on it and inhale puke into your lungs. So many have died like that.

  • Me too.

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