The hottest thing.

I’m a widow of 64 and the hottest thing that happened to me was when my son in law took me on the kitchen table in my house.

The curtains weren’t closed and I saw a old woman looking as us.
I don’t know for how long she was looking but when she saw me looking back to her she quickly moved on.

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  • When we separated I moved with my sister and her husband. One weakness after another I ended up in bed with her husband. It became an addiction we did it every day for months until I moved back together with my husband.

  • It’s just because of the guilt I don’t have s** with my son in law, although I know he won’t reject me if I ask him. Sometimes a hug from him makes my p**** wet. Oh, it’s diffucult sometimes! Widow - 66 y.o.

  • Give in to it as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll regret it if you didn’t when you’re too old.

  • I'm also a widow 60yr old my neighbours 21yr old son f**** me twice a week. It started when he was 18, I paid him to some do some gardening for me. It was hot and I invited him in for a beer.
    I was wearing a short skirt and loose top with no bra and my big t*** wobbled as I walked over to him, he had a h****** and I hadn't been f***** for three years so I opened my top and said is that better. He f***** me over th dining table and I sucked him clean.

  • Age is just a number i wouldn't say no to you, wear stockings and suspenders with that short skirt.

  • Are you intetested in a mature fat c***?

  • Yes I am,

  • If you are interested how about we meet up?

  • I'm in the west Midlands were are based. A mature c*** would be nice. How fat is your c***?
    My hubby had a very long c*** but it was thin, my toy boys is shorter but very fat and I enjoy th girth stretching my p****

  • I'm in the East midlands, 8 inch long 3 inch round, tvery long tongue, the rest I will have to show you x

  • ^ are you interested in having my co*K inside you?^

  • That's good, I would like to hear more from the lady with the 21 year old lover

  • What would you like too know?

  • You are a f****** idiot. It is "TO" not "TOO". Troll.

  • ^^ the kind of s** you both have anything kinky you don't mind sharing ^^

  • Whe he comes around on Wednesday, I have to be naked except for stockings and suspenders my ample t*** hanging free. I have to get him drinks and suck his toes then he ducks me up the arise and then suck his c***.
    Saturday's I have to dress like lick tart and he ties me up and f**** me. He leaves me tied and goes to the pub and comes sack and f**** me again. Before he goes home he wants into a glass of red wine for me to drink and then goes home too his girlfriend

  • ^^last night was Wednesday did he f-u-c-K you how many times did you c**, do you do water sports with him, please tell more this is very hot!

  • Not done water sports yet but would if he requested it. I was naked on his arrival and he f***** me bent over the coffee table and I sucked his fat c*** clean. Web had a few drinks and he f***** my a*** and left

  • Let me know what happens tonight as it is Friday the dirtier the better 😜

  • It's Saturday he comes over so I will report back tomorrow

  • ^^Ready to hear what happened last niggt^^

  • I was dressed tatty, mini skirt with no knickers a white seethrough top so my big saggy t*** were on view.
    He arrived at 6pm and I got him a drink he ripped my blouse open and mauled my t*** telling me what an old s*** I am, got his c*** out and i straddled him and he f***** me roughly. His phone rang and he answered it and said: I'm f****** the old slang I told you about. Then he saidbim sure she will. Then he handed me the phone, his friend said I want to f*** you can I come over. I said yes, he arrived 15mins later and they both f***** me in my bed and had my 1st do and then wanked over my t*** and went out for the evening

  • Fantastic can't wait to hear more, you are really hot, keep me updated

  • You need to update me on you?

  • What kind of things do you want to know?

  • Your s** life in detail?

  • Last night and the night before I was thinking of 'you' while fukking my wife,
    I start by letting her pee in to my mouth and I drink every last drop that gets my c*** really hard, then I lay her on the bed and start lick out her p**** mainly licking the c*** with my tongue, with one hand I squeeze her nipples to the extreme! With my other hand I stick my middle finger up her ass while my index finger is actually in her p****.
    I finger f*** her ass and p**** while licking her out until she squirts I do this about 3 times now her c*** is super sensitive, so then I start tongue f****** her ass while battering her c*** with my thumb, until she suits again! Then I mounted her ramming in to her p**** as hard as my c*** can thrust! She was screaming with o****** and eventually said she couldn't take any more so I took it out and pushed in he ass and ducked even harder, thinking all the time about doing it to "YOU" when I can i let out a growling scream!!
    Let me know what you think? And is that something you would like for me to do to you? X

  • Oh yes please

  • I f***** my wife again last night while thinking about you I put two finger up her ass and my hole hand in her p****, I f***** her in both holes and then made her swallow my loud, all the time imagining this was you! Do you want make this a reality?

  • I'd like you wife to fist me as I suck your c*** and you tell me what a dirty old c*** I am. If I don't satisfy you both I get a spanking

  • My wife takes pleasure from my pleasure, so she can sit watching us as she edges her self, while I lick your ass out and you p*** in my mouth! I will then lick out your p**** and ass and finger/fist f*** you after I've made you squirt a few times you will need some more fluids, I will lie you on the bed with your head hanging over, stick my c*** deep in your mouth and down your throat, while I f*** your mouth I will squeeze your big t*** pinching your nipples so you squeal! After I c** in your mouth and you swallow, you will go over to my wife and whisper in her ear your going to have my c*** in both of your holes while f*** both you holes you are to be very loud and asking who is a better f***? Who do I prefer to f***? After I have came in all your holes a few times, we will both spank my wife to o*****!
    Let me know if you want this to happen we need to make this happen!!

  • Yes yes yes I want to spit your s**** into you wife's mouth

  • How did last night go?

  • She doesn't deserve my S***K like that! After I've C*m up your ass you can squat over her face and then she can drink every last drop!
    But before any of that, I want devour you suck your beautiful mature t***, lick out your fantastic tasting pus*y, eat and tongue fukk gorgeous ass, and fukk your adorable body for hours and eventually days on end she can fetch and carry for us! All this, while you wear her wedding dress all the time I'll be telling her "I want you and not her!"
    Does sound like the kind of things we should do together?
    We need to give each other details to make this happen!!

  • I want it. I would love to humiliate your wife as you use me, her licking your s**** out of my a*** would be heaven especially if I shut a little. What does she look like and were can we meet for a weekend of s**. I now desperate for a f*** and going out this afternoon and pick up someone to f*** me like the s*** i am.

  • She is a brunette 30 years old about 5 feet 2" wears glasses size 12 36c t*** with a nice round ass.
    You said you live in the west Midlands? Roughly where? Need description of you?

  • I'm 60 5' 6' 40gg red hair, shaven p****. I live in oldbury

  • You sound absolutely gorgeous, I can't wait to keep f****** you! And I adore redheads!! I can't believe how big your t*** are you truly are fantastic!
    This really needs to happen! I'm from Lincoln so we are not that far away from each other, I'm busy most weekends are you ever free in the week?

  • Yes I am, I'm retired. Would your wife lick your s**** of my t***. I love to squeeze into he wedding dress with my big t*** hanging out covered in s****

  • If that's what's you want to do? She will do as she is told! And your gigantic t*** will look awesome squeezed out of her wedding dress, and don't worry if you stretch or rip it what's hers will be yours, you will also demand she give over her wedding ring for you to wear as you are now taking her place as Sir's S-L-U-T Wife and she will call you mistress!
    While i fukk you I will be holding your head and shoulder so I can fukk you even harder telling you how my I adore you! And that I'm besotted with my redhead S-L-U-T Wife!
    Each time I c** inside you we will kiss and embrace so it's more intimate in front of my wife.
    I love to think you are mast u r bating while shouting out how much you want Sir's c*** inside your holes.

  • Oh Sir that is sexy. She will have to dress me in her wedding dress stockings and suspenders and make sure my t*** are hanging correctly, oil my c*** and a*** to be ready for you to f*** me and when I'm ready to join you she will lay on the floor, I will cover her with her wedding dress straddling her and poss all over her face and t***. She will then get me some red wine and I will allow you to f*** me in any way you desire and she licks my hint and a*** clean

  • Not heard from you for a while would still like to meet up and f*** you!! You dirty old b**** and suck on your massive t*** I'm in Birmingham at the weekend 😘

  • Hello are you there?

  • Don't waste your p-i-s-s, I will d*** that out of you c-u-n-t it gets my c*** very hard to f*** you but I can pee on my wife while you call call her a worthless w****! Unless you want to drink me? Then we can both just spit on her!
    Sir likes the idea of you' being oiled up for me!
    my 'S-L-U-T Wife' do you have s** toys so I can put them in you while I fukk you?
    And did you m********* like sir said?
    While you f*** you young lover think of me!
    And tell me everything!
    How shall we arrange meeting up?

  • Picked up a bloke in the pub, he was a builder in his 40s. He took me to his van and f***** my mouth c*** and a***, bit my t*** all the time calling me an old slang as I requested. He finished by wanking over my face, he was a big spunker and I loved it

  • I'd love to f*** your sweet ads honey xx

  • Hi love your story was always interested I'm my wife's mum luckily we dud get to have s** and do still she is so much more receptive than her daughter a wonderful lady xx

  • I hope you and your son in law still have lots of s**.
    I personally got with my wife so I could be with her mum too, me and my MIL nearly every day and that's been going on for nearly 15 years xx

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