Got caught looking at this crazy woman and told off. WTF!

I went to this little local coffee shop in my area to get a donut and some coffee. I was just sitting there eating my donut and enjoying my coffee looking at my phone when I noticed this woman sitting across from me. She was very sexy and slender wearing this short dress. She eventually moved in such a way I saw she wasn't wearing any panties. I mean none! So I decided what the h***. I sat and I watched the free show. I mean why not? I'm a man. I'm not dead. So why not just enjoy the view. After a bit she repositioned but I still could see pretty well all of her assets including some of her ass. Then I realized she knew I was looking at her. Hey I figure if you put it out there then why not. I kept looking and she would catch me from time to time. Then after about 15 minutes or so she got up threw away her trash and comes over to me. She looks down at me and says, by the way I hope you enjoyed the view. So I just said that I did and I thanked her. Well this crazy B**** goes off on me telling me what a piece of s*** I am for ogling her the way I did. I figured she had some screws loose so I just let it go. But am I wrong for looking. I don't mind different points of view. But I'm kind of old school in my thinking. If you expose yourself than I'm going to look. Well at least if your a hot looking woman that is. What would you have done?

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  • If she's going to promote it, then she better be ready to sell it.

  • The very same thing. She knew what she was doing.

  • That B ITC h ! Should have whipped your co cks out on her.

  • Would have slipped my hard c*** out and given her a show back

  • Yeah man b****** what you gonna do. I saw we should f*** as many of these dirty wrotten whores as possible the whores!

  • I just filed a sexual harassment case against my boss. She is always making comments to me about one thing sexual or another. I don't treat women like that. Our boss tried to sluff it off and I told him I was going to my lawyers office after work as I was filing a lawsuit against the company. It's not funny when anyone sexually harasses another person. This post makes light of that.

  • Go s**** yourself who gives a crap. Women are a bunch of p**** lipped ding d*** swallowers. You should be a man and bent your boss over and gave it to her. That's what I would have done. Try growing a set of b**** man.

  • How cute, the neckbeard thinks he's got game. Shut up, loser. You're out of your league!

  • H*** NAH! nothing wrong with it at all. evidently, if she knew that you were "ogling" her, she should have sat where you couldnt see. she was evidently enjoying the fact that you were looking. I am guessing that somebody else caught on in the fact that you were looking and gave her a look that she shouldnt be doing it and i think she flew off at you to make you look like the pervert instead of her looking like the W**** she probably is. i say, if you are gonna show it, ima gonna LOOK!!!

  • Exactly how I think. I'm not going to look away. If you put it out there for the world to see I'm going to enjoy the show. As I was once told by a teacher friend. We men are hard wired to be lookers and this is how we explore things and especially when looking for a mate.

  • Start walking around in a police uniform and when people ask for help just yell at them “just because I’m dressed this way doesn’t give you the right to assume I’m a cop”.

  • Dave Chappelle

  • This is why men have always kept women subservient to them. We started treating them like equals and now they act like crazy b******. Time to get your ass back in the kitchen woman.

  • My boyfriend an I have been dating for...
    I had s** with my cousin's boyfriend...
    I hadn't slept with anyone before I got...
    I'm a 36 years old single man from a...
    I love to lay my head on girls stomachs...
    Okay this is not really a confession...
    I want to tell my wife of 30 years, that I am a bottom and love s** with men both oral and a***. I also want to tell her I am a crossdresser, I under dress every day for work, I dress fully when alone or meeting a male lover. As well as I would like her to have s** with other males both alone or while I watch.
    Friends & Family CONFESSION 7 days ago By Anonymous
    Men Want Sexual
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  • It's too f****** late to go back now. But with equality comes all the s*** we have been experiencing. More women are dying from stress and heart attacks like us men for years. So they are seeing the bad side of things. Plus us men can also charge sexual harassment against our female boss's also.

  • As long as you boys let your d**** do your thinking for you, women will be able to game you. "Huh-huh, we're just dogs" you say. Well, I'm a red blooded male and while I enjoy the presence of quality ladies in my life, I actually use the head between my ears more often. Haven't been on the wrong end of any kind of drama for 15 years and counting. Quit whining and evolve!

  • Yes sir! Your wish is our command we shall evolve. I start tomorrow morning. No woman gets any special treatment from me. I will not pay attention to the batting of eye lids and the sweet talk anymore. They will get the same as the next person.

  • Thank god!! Good to hear you're finally attempting to think with the right head for once. Teach your dude friends; maybe in a few thousand years you'll get over using biology as an excuse. We're all humans-- it's about time we started behaving that way.

    Sorry, were you expecting whining about "ohhh but wait, you'll still pay for my dinners, right?" Nah, son. I'm not a bimbo who uses her looks to get ahead. So if you were trying for shock value, it had the opposite effect. Peace!

  • Go back to jerking off . Yeah right your a dude so STFU you j*** wad. How about that for biology you A S S wipe. Have a nice day and PEACE! give me a break you F A G B OY !!!!!!!!

  • Is reading comprehension that hard for you, or is that just a side effect of your anti-convulsants? Show me where I claimed to be a dude. MORON!!!!!!!

  • I have to agree with the poster. That is a fraise men use. My brother and his friends say that all the time. Not once have I or any of my girlfriends used that. Who knows you can be anyone on the internet. I'm a transsexual myself. I decided to become a man because I just have always liked boys and not liked wearing girls clothes my mother always made me wear.

  • I can read between the lines you dip S H IT . Women pretending to be men and men pretending to be women. That's what you get here. Either that or A S S wipes pretending to be a 10-14 year old. My comprehension is just fine MORON! Most women wouldn't have used the Nah, son expression. My son's use that all the time. So if you are a woman you are a manly one. You crack me the F****** up. I'm not pretending to be anyone other than a man. Can you prove who you are? H*** no, son. So kiss the F****** off. Whoever you are .

  • Did Mommy let you out of the time-out closet, or did you chew through the straps again so you could get right back to typing variations on the word "f@g" some more? You've got serious projection issues, femboi. LOL

  • Oh did I strike a nerve or what. So sorry. You don't like the word F** or F***** do you. Let me know when you get done sucking on that big old pete in your mouth. Have a nice day. C*** breath!

  • I love all the back and fourth this post has. It's so funny reading these post and knowing someone has got their panties in a bunch. Oh and their shorts also LOL. I'm LMAO at you losers. Your all a bunch of pathetic cowards on the internet. Keep it up I'm having so much fun. Thank you all so much. You make my day.

  • Ever since the #metoo movement women have getting upset when it is obvious that they want to be seen and treated like the s**** they are. She deserved to be f***** in the ass.

  • When a woman like that puts her goods on display for the world to see, there is an invisible list in her head of the kinds of people she only wants to get attention from. You don't get to find out if you're on that list until it's too late, then she gets to scream some version of #metoo and act like a victim. Maybe you're ugly or don't look rich or douchey enough for her oh so refined tastes. How dare you look upon such a quality woman's glory!

  • Well I kind of look like Steve Jones of the S** pistols did like 10 or 15 years ago. I have several tats on my arms. Kind of a rough old man tough looking. Many people who meet for the first time think I'm a biker. I don't give a s*** about who she wants attention from. It was out there for the world to see so I enjoyed the view. I'll look at people like her whenever I want and I don't give a s*** what she wants. Next time I might not be so nice. She might get a hardy Fu ck off Bi Tch!

  • Nothing wrong with what you did. You did exactly what she wanted, and then gave her the opportunity to chew you out for it. She wanted both: she wanted somebody to want her, and she wanted somebody to blame. This, my friend, is the 21st Century woman.

  • Well she was in the shop again today but the B****! was wearing underwear. Oh well maybe she will do it again. I was still checking her out and I was wearing my shades. Good tip. It was very sunny so I just ordered my coffee and Danish and sat back to enjoy. I don't think she even recognized me. LOL.

  • Women like that are very easily fooled. All that insecurity and psychosis affects their judgement. You begin to understand why the Victorians thought they were on the edge of insanity all the time. That has not changed.

  • Do the same thing if u see her again

  • Hey I would have done the same thing. I guess we are just a couple of dogs. Women today are crazy. She knew what she is doing. Probably working on a claim against her boss at work by wearing no panties to trap him. I say f*** her. Look away and enjoy the show. I wear these sunglasses even inside at places so no one can tell where I'm looking. I tell people it cause I have glaucoma and light bothers my eyes.

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