Fat wife

Women have a much easier time getting noticed. I’m an average looking man and rarely will a good looking woman ever notice me let alone smile or talk to me. My wife is fat and besides having huge b****, she has nothing else going for her. And yet every guy in our condo is polite to her and nice to her. Even some very good looking guys will hit on her. It’s an unbelievable double standard and very difficult for me to understand.

Nov 1, 2020

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  • I screwed some large women back in the day and basically jizzed all over them, got dressed,
    Left and never saw them again.

  • If you cannot see that many heavy women are very attractive and very f*******, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

  • Fat girls give the best blow jobs and a nice panty slit

  • Because those guys actually respect women not just for their b****

  • Invite everyone that are interested in her and watch them f*** her silly. That’s what I would do.

  • Nope...that’s the last thing I’d want.

  • You are absolutely correct, op. If your wife won't lose weight, go to a lawyer and speak about getting your affairs in order and divorce her. Life is too short to stay miserable. And, before all the feminazis jump on me, I AM a woman. One who has kept in shape out of respect fory husband and myself.

  • "fory"?
    You can't respect yourself that much if you can't spell... and I weight train six days a week, so stuff the "jealousy" noise you were just about to spill, sweetheart ;)

  • Why are women either feminazi's or imitation men... just another symptom that society is too immature to think in shades of grey

  • I starve my gf

  • You have never had a gf in your life, or you wouldn't feel the need to keep saying so

  • GASP! People are nice and polite to an obviously fat woman?! Oh Dear God!! How will she EVER get the message that her TERRIBLE lifestyle is a matter of CONCERN for highly-evolved people everywhere?! Quick, everybody start dunking on her mercilessly so she'll see the ERROR of her AWFUL ways!!!!!!

  • You raise a valid point.

  • Yeah, maybe think about it instead of just paying lip service to it. Think you can handle that, big boy?

  • A friend of ours has a wife that is easily 50 pounds overweight. We were at a local club downing a few beers last year, he asked me what I thought of her. She is actually pretty, with a bubbly personality and great sense of humor, so she is easy to like and I told him that.
    "But, do you find her to be someone you would like to have s** with?" He asked me.
    I figured it was just the beer talking, so I told him sure, she was nice and looked like she was a lot of fun.
    "She was telling me she wished I was bigger." He said. I just laughed, not getting where this was going.
    "I know you are hung like a Horse." He said, not really but I am way bigger than him, we both know since we have been in the showers at the gym.
    "You can s**** her if you want to."
    "Yeah, she would like that, and I want to make her happy." He told me.
    When I dropped him off at his place, I was only on two beers and he was closer to a six pack so I drove, he asked me to come in.
    His wife had an one of those baby doll nighties, I could see her nipples right through it. She had a huge smile on her face, so I thought, "H***, why not?"
    Man, is that woman a roll in the hay, she sucks, she licks, hands everywhere, and she could milk a whole herd of Cows with that thing!
    Now we make it a once a week thing, but it does take the edge off and my own wife has noticed. Getting tough to keep up here.
    Nothing wrong with heavy women at all, they are usually very eager once you get them started.
    It did take me awhile (bit thick headed here on some things,) but the idea was as much his as hers, she was just willing once the idea was presented.

  • She sounds like a great f***! Ride that wave as long as you can! I love thick girls. The passion they have for c*** is insane. And the ease at which they accept my fetishes and desires just makes it even better. They aim to please!

  • Thats because contrary to what feminists tell you. Women have it much easier than men. Men are much kinder to women then men or women are to men

  • >Men are much kinder to women then men or women are to men

    Only to the ones they wanna stick their cute little sausages into. Otherwise, no.

  • No smartass comeback? No need, we already knew this is a universal truth.

  • Any hole 's a goal.

  • See reply to above comment. And thanks for proving my point

  • I farted - Matthew Lee Prior, Worcester UK

  • We can tell - everyone, San Bruno, California

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