Knocked up maid of honor

I was a stripper through my entire time in college and ended up staying one for a few years after because the money was great. I started the summer after I graduated high school when I turned 18. The clubs could get rowdy but that was nothing compared to bachelorette parties that I did on the side. My first one took place as I was starting my first semester of college and it was amazing because in a club there are limits because everyone can't just jump on the stage and grope you but nothing was off limits at this bachelorette party. There were 18 women there. Everyone one of them at least put money in my g-string and wanted to rub and touch me when I was done dancing. I ended up having 8 of them want to give me a BJ and I f***** 4 of them over the course of the night. As I was so new, I wasn't sure if I was even allowed to let things go that far but, oh well... Everyone had a good time and several took down my information to book me for an upcoming bachelorette party for another friend. I end up getting a call from the maid of honor (one of the 4 I f*****) about a month and a half later letting me know that she was late and she knew that I had gotten her pregnant as her husband had a low sperm count. I was 18 and starting college so she knew that I wouldn't be able to help much so she hurried and had s** with her husband and convinced him that the baby was his. I sometimes wonder how my kid is doing out there. Because of this experience I always bring condoms to bachelorette parties after that...that just didn't occur to me when I went to this one.

Apr 3, 2018

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  • How can i b a stripper?
    M 21

  • I walked into a a club when I was 18 hoping to get a job as someone serving since I knew they didn’t wear much and I thought it would be fun to be groped by everyone I brought a drink to. They ended up giving me a chance to strip b/c that night they were having an amateur night and I was already a great dancer. That’s how I got started.

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